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The Top 5 Worst Traffic Sources Ever

Although there are plenty of awesome traffic sources online, there are also some downright terrible ones.

Just focus on these traffic strategies if you want to be spinning your wheels for the next year (or more) to come, or avoid them if you actually want to make some progress.

(I even had an email from one guy who said he’d been using one of these strategies for 2 years without any results!)

So here they are – avoid them like the plague…

1) Safelists

A safelist is essentially a “community mailing list”, which everyone can use as their own email list. However, you also receive all the other emails sent to the list, too.

To be eligible to broadcast to it, you need to click on the links in other peoples’ emails (from the community email list) to gain credits for your account.

There are many reasons why you should avoid them, but the most important are:

  1. It’s incredibly time consuming to gain credits…
  2. … And even when you DO have enough credits to email the list, your response rates (including sales) from these people are always rock bottom, as their inbox is full of thousands of other emails, and everyone is only looking for the same two things – account credits and/or free stuff.

In order words, you’re building an email list of unresponsive freebie seekers who won’t benefit your income whatsoever.

2) Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are a similar concept to safelists, but you visit other people’s websites for a set number of seconds in exchange for account credits, which allow you to list your website to be shown to the same people.

This traffic source has the same problem as safelists – everyone is only looking for account credits and free stuff, meaning you get barely ANY results after several weeks, months and years of effort.

Not only that, but you’ll only get a bunch of traffic which doesn’t convert, slowing your website down for the “real” customers who actually WANT to buy something.

3) Giveaway Events

A giveaway event is one central website “hub” which you (as the marketer) submit a free gift to, for the giveaway participants to download after opting in to your list.

Then you promote the giveaway event through your affiliate link to get higher rankings in the product listings (think of it as Google for free products).

This may sound cool, but thousands of other marketers do this with their gifts at exactly the same time (with at least 1 gift each)…

… Meaning every time you promote a giveaway event, your subscribers are signing up to all these other marketers’ lists – which clogs up their email inbox with crap – making your job to get noticed even more difficult.

Not only that, but you’re “training” your list (or your visitors) to only go for free stuff – lowering the chance of them buying anything from you in future, too.

Finally, the giveaway holder benefits more than anyone, as he/she gains everyone’s subscribers, PLUS a new list of affiliates.

4) Buying Email Lists

This strategy involves buying a spreadsheet of email addresses (rarely with names), then importing them to your email list.

Most people would see this as a logical shortcut to building their own email list from zero, but you should NEVER do this for multiple reasons:

  1. You’ll get an insanely HUGE amount of spam complaints, often resulting in having your email service (AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Infusionsoft, etc) account banned
  2. They haven’t opted in, so they don’t have a clue who you are – drastically lowering response rates through the floor
  3. The majority of the email addresses are usually expired or not actually read by the owners (why else would somebody sell them on, if they were that profitable?) – meaning you’ve wasted time, effort and money for nothing in return.

Plus, it’s also illegal to do this in many states and countries around the world, so save yourself a jail sentence and do things the proper (and better) way.

5) “1 Million Hits For $20.00!”

Just do a quick Google search for “buy traffic” and you’ll get a ton of these companies offering a large number of “hits” or “visitors” for a very low price.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for – as these “hits” are nearly ALWAYS robot-created traffic, i.e. a piece of software clicking on a link automatically, over and over again to reach the agreed number of “hits”.

As you can imagine, robots can’t take any kind of action or buy anything, so you get website-slowing traffic with zero results whatsoever.

So there we have it. The traffic strategies which have been misleading people for years, and slowing down your progress to a grinding halt.

If you’re currently using any of these strategies, I strongly recommend you stop using them right away, as my multiple tests and students have shown time and time again that you’re wasting your time with them.

Avoid these strategies like the plague, and you’ll definitely start to get much better results.

Talk soon!
- James Francis

P.S. Have you ever used any of these strategies? Leave a comment below with your experiences! 🙂

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