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WordPress Blog Checklist

With all the noise online about what you should have on your blog (plugins, themes, or any other fancy new gadgets), it’s sometimes difficult to “map out” what you actually need to have on your WordPress blog to make it successful.

… So I’ve created this checklist for you!

Just go down the list below, and create or edit anything which you don’t currently have.

Let’s begin…

Blog Structure:

  • Home Page – Containing your latest posts (most recent at the top).
  • “About Me” Page – Tell people about yourself, show them you’re actually human by adding a photo, and why they should listen to you. Be personal!
  • “My Products” Page – Provide links to your own products, if you have any. If you don’t, change this to “Resources”, and promote important services and products which your readers need to succeed. For example, in the Internet Marketing niche, you could provide links to AWeber, your preferred hosting service, and similar.
  • “Success Stories” Page – Many people don’t have this page, but they’re truly missing out on a huge “authority booster”. Add all your testimonials and success stories from your visitors, subscribers and customers. This will not only make you look super-awesome, but it’ll convince your prospects you’re more of an expert than your competitors.
  • “Affiliates” Invite Link (optional) – If you have your own product, link to the invite page for your affiliate program. Remember, affiliates are always doing research on their chosen niche, so take this opportunity to convince them to promote your product over anyone else’s.
  • “Contact Me” Page – Always have a way for your potential and current customers to contact you. Without this link, your customers will give up on you, meaning you’ll see a huge refund and chargeback rate. Also, if any potential subscribers can’t find a way to ask you a question about the product you’re promoting, they’ll take the easy way out and look for something else to buy.
    Make it easy for your audience to contact you!


(In this order)

  • Opt-in Form – Just a simple headline and opt-in form (and maybe an image of the free gift they’ll get, if you have one) to convert your blog’s visitors into email subscribers.
  • “Recent Posts” Widget – Put your best foot forward! Give your readers other stuff of yours to read. If they like your free stuff, they’ll check out your paid stuff too.
  • Promotional Banner – For a related affiliate offer. You can directly link to it using your affiliate link here. The offer must convert for other affiliates at $1+ EPC, as not every offer you’ll find to promote will actually convert well and make sales. Always look for these conversion rates on their JV/Affiliate Invite page. If they don’t show any kind of conversion statistics, the chances are that the product doesn’t sell (“convert”) very well.
  • Social Widget – Give your readers other ways to build relationships with you. This includes links to your Twitter profile, Facebook profile, and similar.
  • “Post Categories” Widget – For people who prefer to search your content by category.
  • “Archives” Widget – For people who prefer to search your content by date. Remember, the goal of this widget (and the “Categories” widget) is to get people to check out as much of your content as possible.

Any questions? Leave a comment below! 🙂

- James Francis.

P.S. If you found this checklist useful, I have many more I could write for you (including “Part 2″ of this blog post, containing themes and plugins). Just let me know what you thought of this format by telling me in the comments section below.

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