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Why Your Online Business Is Like A Flat Pack

A few days ago, my wife and I ordered a new bed, and it arrived earlier this morning.

As I expected, the instructions were virtually non-existent, with “step one” being an image of half of the bed being already assembled, and an image of how it should look.

Having a natural dislike for all things flatpack and “DIY”, I hesitantly got started with putting all the pieces together.

As my wife was working downstairs (as she also works from home as a freelance writer), I was doing everything in “Project: Put This Bed Together” myself.

However, the downside of this was that I had to balance all sides of the bed on the screws, and quickly go round screwing everything in place so it was level.

(I could have done with 2 extra arms at this point!)

Just when I thought I had it sussed, the top section of the bed fell to the floor, massively bending the corner section used to attached the two sides together.

I decided to call for backup, and my wife Laura happily helped to hold everything in place while I screwed it in place.

As for the bent corner section, I managed to fix it using my strong muscles by hitting it with a screwdriver (the closest thing I have to a hammer).

Soon enough – with much blood, sweat and persistence – the bed was completed.

So how does this relate to you, and why is making money online like a flat pack?

When you get started with your online business, there are never any shortage of instructions if you look in the right places – but very few of them will ever give you the full picture. That’s life.

(Note: It’s better for branding and marketing to be a specialist in one focused area, rather than a “generalist”. Although there are still products out there which give the full picture.)

This means you need to use your initiative and common sense to piece everything together based on your experiences and trial and error.

If you continue struggling this way, you’ll make mistakes – and that’s perfectly ok, because they are all learning experiences and can be fixed easily.

Also, if you have the opportunity, having an extra pair of hands (i.e. a coach) to help you will make the job a whole lot easier than struggling to piece everything together yourself, using a limited – and often incomplete – set of instructions.

And even though you may not have the exact right tools (i.e. money, knowledge, technical ability) to finish the job, there are always chances to improvise with alternatives which you can use.

There are really no excuses or limitations apart from those you set yourself.

So with the right guidance, a strategic and persistent nature, and the right tools for the job – that’s how you reach your end goal.

Good luck,
- James Francis.

P.S. What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below…

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