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Why Your Network Is Your "Net Worth"...

Earlier this week, I went to my first “local” networking event in my local area.

It was a strange experience, as I had literally no idea what to expect.

After all, most of these people had never heard of “Information Marketing”, and didn’t even have the faintest idea what Internet Marketing involved!

But because I’m all about opening up as many new opportunities as possible – I decided to try it.

It involved getting up at 6am – which is way earlier than my usual 8am wake-up time – but it was 100 times worth it.

As I couldn’t see a thing at that god-forsaken time in the morning, I was stumbling around with the light off trying not to wake my fiancée – and in the process, I trod on a clothes hanger which impaled itself into the bottom of my foot.

(Which was a great start to the day!)

I’m not going to scare you with the gory details (or the gruesome photos), but I’ve had to put my feet up for the past few days!

Despite limping along like the hunchback of Notre Dome, I still went to the networking event (albeit with incredible pain).

As I walked in, it was a room full of people from all different industries – from self-storage facilities, to environmental consultants, to social media, to real estate, to accounting.

It can be quite daunting to meet new people sometimes, but I’ve learnt over the years that generating success is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing what you wouldn’t normally do.

This opportunity to meet new people from all these different industries (some of which I’d never heard of before!) enabled me to gain a ton of great insights into the “offline business world”, which I can also bring into my online business – plus I made a ton of new friends, too.

But why did I decide to do this?

One thing which really propelled my business a few years ago was meeting new people in my industry.

In the beginning, I was convinced that working from home meant I wouldn’t need to speak to anyone, and I could become wealthy by staying on my “one-man island”.

… But I quickly found out that this is NOT the case.

As soon as I started to meet new people and build new connections – on forums, Skype chat rooms, via email, and any way possible – my business started to skyrocket.

The information I was learning from these people not only brought me great clarity about my own business, but also a strong sense of accountability (i.e. if I told them about a new product I was creating, I couldn’t slack off any more, because they were waiting to promote it) – and the guidance most people willingly give you on this more personal level is pheneomenal.

I’m a strong believer that my business wouldn’t be where it is today if I had never met any of these people.

(Heck, look at how much the latest launches rely solely on JV partners for their sales)

But you shouldn’t just meet ANY people…

It’s been proven over the years that your own situation in life will mimic the people you spend the most time with.

In other words, if you associate yourself with poor, frustrated people – guess what you’ll be too.

On the other hand, if you associate yourself with successful people, their success will often reach out to you, too.

If you take just ONE thing away from this blog post, know that you can’t succeed online on your own – whether it’s a lack of affiliates, employees, subscribers, or online friends.

Just make those connections, and your income (and happiness) will flourish.

So here’s what I want you to do next, as a small “action step” from this blog post…

Meet just ONE new person per month who owns an online business of some kind.

This can be via the Warrior Forum (using the “Private Message” feature), Skype chat rooms, or even just from contacting people who comment on my blog and striking up a conversation.

After 12 months, you’ll have 12 new industry contacts (minimum) – and I can guarantee you’ll benefit from all of them 🙂

Speak soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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