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Why You Shouldn't Focus On SEO

In last week's live coaching session for my Zero To $10k Coaching Program, one of my coaching clients asked a very good question about whether he should focus on SEO or not.

My answer may be slightly controversial, but here it is...

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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4 Responses

    1. Yeah that's true Owen, but:

      1) In this answer, I was only talking about SEO, as that's what my client's question was about.
      2) Keywords for PPC can be found using Google's or Bing's included keyword tool within their interface, so it definitely doesn't require some additional software to do this. Even then, this process is done AFTER the niche has been chosen and the website has been created, so the keywords are irrelevant to niche selection.

      Does this clarify things?

      Have a great day!
      - James.

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