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Why Spamming Doesn’t Work

You’ve probably seen it before…

You’re going about your business in a Facebook group or your email inbox when…

BOOM! Right out of nowhere, you see somebody posting about their latest and greatest new “opportunity”, and why you should get involved right away and spend your money with them.

The sad thing is, people have been doing this same thing over and over again for years now – but yet they still continue. And if you ask yourself honestly, you’ve probably done this at least once before, too.

Putting a “buy this!” message out there with no previous relationship with your audience.

The only explanation I can think of why people do this is because they were misinformed, so let’s start to fix this misinformation…

Spamming (it’s a harsh word, but that’s exactly what this process is) is the same as running into a crowded room full of people, and at the top of your voice, screaming “BUY MY STUFF!”.

None of them people in that room are suddenly going to jump up and down with happiness, shouting “oh finally! Just what I’ve always wanted! Of course I’ll buy your crap from you, even though I have no idea who you are and I don’t trust you whatsoever!”.

That’s because…

People buy on trust and desire.

Excuse the over-emphasis, but it’s important. Read it again.

Spamming removes both of these elements from your positioning instantly, meaning you’ll find it very difficult to make a sale this way.

Instead, you’ll always make a lot more money by building a real relationship with your audience first, then providing a working solution to their problems.

And no, this isn’t just some “hairy-fairy save the world garbage” either…

When you put this into action in your own business, it’ll allow you to make 10 times more sales easier than ever before – plus it’ll make you feel awesome about what you do, too.

So you not only make more money, but you also feel better about yourself. No catch.

To conclude, if you’re currently “blasting” your message out there to as many people as possible, stop it. It’s not working now, and it never will.

Instead, focus on building a relationship with your audience and recommending relevant, working solutions to them based on their existing problems.

You’ll make a lot more money that way, and actually get to help people in the process.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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