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Why Perfectionism Kills Businesses

Ever been in the situation where you're taking a long time to slightly move one element on a page, changing the wording or colors on a page, or holding back on launching your website because it's "not just right" yet?

If you have, the chances are that you have a fatal disease - perfectionism.

Of course it's not going to result in YOUR death (unless you're too busy tweaking things to remember to drink, eat and sleep!), but instead, your business's death.

This is because when you're busy making sure everything is perfect, your business isn't out there getting customers and making a profit.

Fortunately, there IS a way to fix it - but first, picture this scenario...

We have two beginners who want to build an online business in a niche they enjoy. Let's call them Bob and Jim.

Bob is a stickler for making sure that everything looks right, because he doesn't want to feel ridiculed by his prospects or things to go wrong.

However, Jim understands that "money loves speed" and is all about getting things out there quickly and tweaking things afterwards.

After setting up their websites, Bob takes an additional two weeks tweaking the colors, wording and layouts of the pages. After that, he'll finally have something people will love!

But while Bob was busy fussing over which words work the best or which background images to use, Jim had already started getting traffic and made his first $1,000 in sales during those two weeks.

His new prospects and customers didn't mind the odd mistake here and there, because the content was valuable, it was delivered on time, and they had a great experience all around.

Fast forward 2 more weeks, and Bob is finally at the stage where he starts getting customers.

But it comes at no surprise that Bob's new customers aren't happy because the content they were promised still isn't finished yet - as Bob is still too busy making sure it's perfect before it's released to the public.

Plot twist!

Bob loses his business due to bad reviews, while Jim's business is thriving because he gets stuff done quickly, then tweaks things afterwards.

Do you see how this applies to your business?

I see this same situation every day working with my customers and clients, and I believe it's one of the major reasons why some people get incredible results, while others are still without sales a few months later.

If you take too long to get things finished, they'll never get finished and you'll never make a profit!

But if you have this deadly business-killing disease, how do you fix it?

The first step is to understand that you are not your customers.

This means your own opinions created out of self-doubt aren't the same as the reality of what your prospects or customers will think.

After all, it's they who will be accessing your content - not you.

For example, what YOU think is bad content will actually be loved by your prospects and customers, because they can see that you're trying to help them.

What you think "could be better" (which is always true!), is usually already great for your prospects.

So instead of re-creating your content from scratch again because you didn't think it was "good enough" (whatever that stage is!) - meaning this step takes twice as long as it should - just put your first piece of content out there and edit it afterwards if necessary.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if you're running a software business, in which case you should focus on ironing out the major bugs before launching. But otherwise, you should ignore the doubt and just get it online.

This is super important, because if you don't have a sales funnel online yet due to perfectionism holding you back, you're already failing!

(Which is ironic, because some people are scared to put their content online because of the fear of failure - even though they're already failing by having nothing online.)

Once you understand this, the next step is to catch yourself in the act.

With everything you do, ask yourself, "Is doing this task going to generate sales for me?"

If not, then just get it out there and come back to it later.

By doing this consistently, your mindset will change from perfectionism into getting things done quickly - meaning you turn into an action-taker instead of a procrastinator.

(As some would argue that perfectionism is just another form of delaying what you should be doing.)

You'll get things done in less time.

You'll make more sales.

And your life will be less focused around worry and more focused on achieving the next goal as quickly as possible.

Onwards and upwards!
- James Francis.

P.S. Do you suffer from perfectionism? Share your experiences in the comments section below...

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2 Responses

  1. Great advice, I am about to launch my site, which is essentially a phase 1 launch. Just get something out there, and once you start gaining some traction then you can add in all the elements you would like to have. MVP baby!

  2. Lol! Thanks James, this article was definitely for me. It's the reason why i took so long to finish my free content. Thank you you for reminding me what I need to focus on.

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