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Why Loving Your Audience Isn't Just For Valentine's Day

As you get more experienced in this industry and you start to chat with other marketers, you realise that many of them use the “churn and burn” model.

In other words, they completely forget about their existing subscribers and customers, and constantly focus on gaining new subscribers and customers.

This means they treat their existing subscribers terribly, sending them all kinds of crap – just to keep their relationship with their new found marketing friends.

But the reason this “churn and burn” model is dying fast is simple…

… It’s impossible to grow.

If you’re losing your more responsive subscribers than the jaded new subscribers you’re gaining, then you’re going backwards – not forwards.

That’s why these marketers never get past a certain stage of their online business, and you’ll always see them in a few years time in exactly the same place as before.

Instead, it’s much more profitable and ethical to show some love to your list – and when better to start than Valentine’s Day itself! 🙂

The key to effective email marketing is based on a common theme in human nature…

People love to reciprocate.

This means that if you treat your subscribers like an ATM, then they’ll treat you badly in return.

They won’t open your emails, they won’t click on your links, and they definitely won’t buy anything you have to offer.

However, if you treat them like valued friends with all the care and value you can possibly give, then they’ll always reciprocate your trust and see you as a valued expert, and become more responsive to your offers.

And yes – I practice what I preach (as always!). My email list is typically twice as responsive than most other marketers’ email lists – just because I treat them well.

Be yourself. Show your personality. Give them a reason to stay on your list.

In short – love your list, and they’ll love you back.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Lots of Love,
- James Francis.

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