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Why I Don't Join "Business Opportunities" Or MLMs

Yesterday I was sent an email from someone I speak to occasionally, asking if I’d seen some new business opportunity (I forget the name)…

My answer, as it always is with this type of question, was a polite “no”.

Then commenced the most hardcore selling in the history of the internet.

They listed point after point about why this is “the one” that I should join, and pressuring me to join “under them”.

At this point, they were dumbfounded when I said I don’t take part in so-called “business opportunities”, in response to their question of “which is your main opportunity then?”.

My logic for this is two-fold:

Reason #1 – They don’t build any long-term assets for you

Most (if not all) of the programs out there involve setting up a web business solely promoting the owner’s products and services as a part of the opportunity.

Their squeeze page is branded with their company’s branding (not yours).

Their sales page is all about their company (not yours).

When your leads buy their products, your lead joins their customer list, not yours.

Sure, you can change the default squeeze page to your own version of it – but then it’s no longer classed as a business opportunity, as it transitions into “affiliate marketing”.

But the truth is, all of these factors come down to you building somebody else’s business for them.

I’m a strong believer in building your own assets (i.e. a responsive list, your own sales funnel, your own products, your own authority, etc.) because they’ll multiply your results for the rest of your life.

With business opportunities, as soon as their business goes offline, so does yours.

You have no real assets of your own – just a perpetual short-term income.

Reason #2 – I personally don’t like their “style”

Whenever I speak to anybody recommending a business opportunity, they seem to lose all sense of friendliness and persuasion – in exchange for becoming a hard selling machine.

I always build my business around being friendly, approachable and helpful – and from my experience, a lot of the business opportunities out there base their whole image around hype and dreams (you know, the flashy sports cars and the huge mansions!).

Sure – some people in the IM industry do this too, but I don’t associate myself with those people, either.

Of course, not everybody – or every business opportunity – is like this…

But it’s just not something I’m comfortable with.

Now obviously half of my reasoning is personal opinion, but the other is pretty solid logic.

Obviously some business opportunities are very close to being classed as “affiliate marketing”, so if you’re currently a part of a business opportunity, MLM or similar – just ask yourself…

Is this building a long-term business for myself, and will it be around for the rest of my life?

If the answer is “no”, focus instead on building your own assets in your online business.

It could save you a ton of headaches down the line, and will usually make you richer, too.

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below...

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