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Why Getting Traffic Is NOT Your Problem

In my most recent survey to my audience, the results showed that the most common obstacle to people’s success was “getting traffic”.

However, there is never a shortage of traffic, and there never will be.

(Heck, I’ve shared a ton of great traffic strategies on this blog and in my best-selling training program.)

And the truth is, getting traffic is NOT the reason why you’re failing to make a decent amount of money online.

Converting your traffic into sales is most likely the main obstacle you’re currently facing – even if you don’t realise it yet.

This is for two main reasons…

1) It’s not about the quantity of traffic, it’s all about the quality. You’d make a lot more money from 100 loyal customers who are not afraid of paying for information, than 10,000 prospects who are so jaded that they’ve made an success-blocking pact with themselves that they’ll never, ever pay for any kind of information online.

(That’s why I only go after traffic sources which are based on endorsements, from a responsive pool of prospects and buyers.)


2) Whether you send 10 visitors or 100,000 visitors to your sales page or affiliate offer, if it doesn’t convert (“sell”), then you’ll still make zero sales of it.

Note: Just because a sales page looks good, it doesn’t mean it’ll be persuasive enough to get people to buy.

Instead, it’s much more profitable to focus on improving your conversions – NOT your traffic – because this enables you to make more money without increasing your effort or budget to get more traffic.

After all, which would you rather have…?

a) 1000 visitors X $0.03 EPC = $30.00 in sales
b) 1000 visitors X $1.68 EPC = $1,680.00 in sales

It’s a pretty big difference!

That’s exactly how I increase my results on a weekly basis from exactly the same amount of traffic, and how I’m able to make between $10,000 and $20,000 per month with an unbelievably small amount of traffic.

Because once you have good conversions, you only need a small amount of traffic to make a lot of money.

But if you don’t have those good conversions, then you’ll struggle to surpass the $100 per month mark. It really was a “tipping point” in my online business when I realised this.

So how do you increase these conversions?

Well, conversions are based on how persuasive the offer is – which is down to the writing or messsage on the page the prospect is reading (known as “copy”).

So the best way to do increase your conversions is to improve that writing, by either:

a) Learn how to write persuasive copy yourself, which often takes several months and years through studying a LOT of different books, case studies, video courses and coaching, or…

b) Hire a copywriter who writes persuasive copy every single day of their lives, and who already knows how to get people to buy what you’re offering.

I always take option “b”, as I always get much better results that way – even though I like to study a small amount of copywriting every now and again.

If you’d like to do the same, just browse the “Warriors For Hire” section of the Warrior Forum and search for the copywriters with the best reviews and proven results.

So again – you most likely don’t have a traffic problem, but you have a conversion problem.

Maximize your conversions first, then that small amount of traffic you were receiving before will seem gigantic – and an increase in sales will follow.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis

P.S. What are your thoughts on this? Please leave a comment below – I read them all, and always answer if necessary 🙂

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