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Why Follow-Up Marketing Is Key…

Over the years, most marketers seem to have hugely neglected follow-up marketing in favour of always looking for the next prospect or customer, or relying on making sales from your email broadcasts alone (me included!).

But just lately, I’ve been trying out a lot of different follow-up sequences and I can say with complete confidence that it has been the primary driving force which has doubled my business (from $10,000+ per month to $20,000+ per month) in the last 2 months alone.

Read that again – as you really need to understand how important this is, and how it’s not just another “here today, gone tomorrow” shiny object.

Here’s why follow-up marketing works so well (in every niche)…

Not every prospect will buy on impulse – i.e. visit a sales page and buy the product instantly.

A huge majority of people will be interested but will save the page for later (which they nearly always forget about), ask their spouse, not be in the buying mood, not receive their paycheck until the end of the month, feel as though it’s not right for them at that specific point in their ‘journey’, or just not have enough time to go through it at that specific moment in time.

The reasons are endless – but all of them are related to a short-term reason for saying “no”.

So if your message is only short-term (i.e. being sent to them once), there’s a huge chance they’ll pull up a short-term objection.

But when you follow-up with them over a longer period of time, these short term reasons slowly get overcome one by one – resulting in the sale eventually being made because their circumstances are now right, despite them passing up on the offer on their first viewing.

So there’s the logic of why it works so well, but here’s another important fact to know and how we put this into action…

You may have heard the statistic that “prospects need to see your offer up to 7 times to make a final decision on purchasing your product(s)”…

But the truth is, that’s not strictly true.

Most people take this logic literally, and send a very similar email to the prospect around 6-7 times, then wonder why they don’t get any positive results.

Instead, from my experience, this phrase should be re-written to…

“Prospects need to see your offer up to 7 times in at least 6 different sales angles (or “hooks”) to make a final decision on purchasing your product(s)…”

So instead of sending a similar email to them 6 or 7 times, send each email with a completely different angle or “hook”, promoting your product in a different way.

For example, the first email could introduce the product, how it will help them, and give the link to the sales page.

Then, the next email could answer some frequently asked questions about the product.

Then, the next email could reveal some real life results or case studies from other customers using the product.

Then, the next email could be a short video review of the members area, showing your prospects how much it will help them.

… And so on.

Note: Every email autoresponder under the sun (e.g. AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Infusionsoft) can do this easily.

Can you see how much more logical and effective that is, instead of having the same message “blasted” to your prospects multiple times?

After you’ve made the initial sale, they will trust you more and have less hesitancy to buy from you again – so then it’s just a matter of repeating the process with your more expensive products to move them through your sales funnel.

At the more experienced level, that’s how you turn a $7 sale into a $1,997 per month coaching student.

So whenever you next promote a product – either via broadcasts or in your follow-up sequence – put this advice into action and I guarantee you’ll see your results shoot through the roof.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Any questions? Feel free to use the comments section below, as I read them all 🙂

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