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Why Consistency Is Key

Today we have a new guest post from my customer support manager, John Coates.



No matter how old your children become, a parent always has concerns about their health and how they are getting on in life. My mother was the same with me. Never interfering in my major life decisions but whenever I needed to talk, she was there for me.

And so it is with my children.

At the moment I am often thinking about my eldest son and his employment situation.

He lives in England with his mother and his brother.

A couple of years ago he dropped out of his Foundation Degree in Software Design and Development. And yet it’s an area that he was interested in pursuing after his formal education was completed.

So why did he drop out?

During the two years he was studying, the college had changed his tutor four times.

He became disillusioned and frustrated at the lack of continuity in the course. Even though he was putting in the work, he considered the experience was becoming a waste of his time, especially as little progress was been made.

What seemed to make it more difficult was that he felt he wasn’t in control of what was happening around him.

He wasn’t alone in his frustration and unfortunately none of his peers on the course obtained their degree.

Trying to offer him a new experience, I invited him to stay with me in Barcelona for a few months and during this time he gained employment in a call center.

Anyone who has worked in a call center knows that it isn’t the most brilliant work but he made the most of it during his period of contract. Something I understand well as I have been in that same situation.

So what is the connection between his experience and those who are trying to create an online business?

As we are talking about a business, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is a lot to learn. And the best way to do this is by getting a mentor who is in a position to share their experiences in creating their own successful business.

Every day I see people choose a program in an effort to learn how to market online and my thoughts are that at least they are taking the step in the right direction.

But then I see these same people jump to a completely different program. Even though they haven’t completed the first nor have they put into practice the information they have been given.

They then feel disillusioned, frustrated and that the experience has been a waste of time because they are not achieving the success they desire.

Sound familiar?

However, unlike my son who dropped out because he wasn’t getting the training, those who drop out of a coaching course do so because they expect immediate success. They are not willing to put in the work with their new found information to create their success. They are looking for the magic button.

And what’s my son’s situation now?

On returning to the UK, where the employment situation is difficult, he got a position in a local call center in an effort to fund his further education.

He was made redundant three weeks ago.

Where do your sympathies lie?

With someone who is willing to put in the effort, regardless of what obstacles are put in their way?

Or with those who expect everything to be handed to them on a platter, without putting in the effort?

In other words…

The main reason why most people feel disillusioned and frustrated is because they usually aren’t focused on just one program.

Just like my son, without continuity and consistency in your education, you’ll never reach the goals you’re aiming for.

So a question to ask yourself now is…

Am I that person?

If so, forget the new-fangled business models. Choose one proven path to follow, and stick to it.

I can guarantee you’ll see results.

- John Coates

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