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When Do The Sales Start Rolling In?

So you've implemented the steps in a proven program to get your sales funnel created, email list set up and traffic flowing - but there's a problem...

... You haven't made any sales!

Worry not! There's an explanation for this...

When setting up an online business, the early stages are tough. You only need to say ONE thing wrong in your sales funnel, and it'll turn everyone off from buying your offers altogether.

This could be the headline on your squeeze page not being compelling enough to people.

It could be the format you deliver your free content (e.g. video, audio or PDF), the positioning of your paid offer at the end of the content, the pre-selling throughout the paid content, troubles with getting people to know, like and trust you, or even the topic of your free content itself.

It could be the paid offer itself not being a match for your target audience, or the sales page not converting well enough.

... Or pretty much anything!

That's why you'll find that...

The best results won't arrive gradually, but they'll arrive all at once when you get the entire process working effectively.

Read that again, as it'll save you a lot of shattered dreams and frustration.

This means if you implement a system, it usually won't work out amazingly right off the bat, but you'll ALWAYS need to analyze, tweak and improve every step in your sales funnel until the process is effective enough to persuade your prospects to buy what you have to offer.

Then once you have some profitable foundations in place, you can easily scale your business to six figures in no time flat.

I wish the laws of the universe would act differently, as many people unfortunately give up when they're just about to reach the "tipping point" of their success, but that's just how it is.

So the key is NOT to keep starting at square one by trying different systems because the previous method "didn't work", as the reality is that the system probably just needed tweaking and optimizing, and you gave up right before it was about to become profitable.

Instead, it's all about choosing one business model, finding a proven system within that business model, and following it all the way through to the end until it's profitable.

That's when the sales start rolling in.

Good luck!
- James Francis.

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3 Responses

  1. Well said James. New Entrepreneurs need to stop running around like a chicken with there heads cut off so to speak.

    Take Mcdonalds for example that is a proven system that works, and we all know how profitable they are.

    Stick with a proven system and see it through until you see results.

  2. I am a patient man
    i will stick with you like glue till i see results
    i have tried many methods and people out there but they just like taking your money and give you nothing in return
    with james its a done deal and he will help you much as he can
    thanks again james for everything

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