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What To Do When "Life Gets In The Way"

When going through life, some people attract more than their fair share of bad luck, while others don't seem to struggle at all. But how do you grow your online business when things get tough?

In the last 6 months alone, my life has been turned upside down - almost so it's unrecognisable from before. Here's just a small sample of what my wife and I have been through...

  1. My sister-in-law attempted suicide. Thankfully she's physically okay now, but is still being given a high dose of therapy in a specialist mental illness hospital.
  2. My mother-in-law physically died in a car journey towards the airport, only to be resuscitated by her husband.
  3. My mother-in-law physically died for a second time on the operating table, only to be resuscitated once again.
  4. I developed constant anxiety and had panic attacks.
  5. We adopted a dog from a rescue centre here in the UK, but he had a myriad of problems we've had to overcome with him.
  6. My mother had breast cancer. Twice.
  7. Then my mother got skin cancer.
  8. My wife had a brain tumor scare.
  9. I nearly lost my business because of changing my entire business model.
  10. My wife was diagnosed with depression (she's feeling much better now though, thankfully).
  11. My wife had an operation to remove all her wisdom teeth due to a severe infection.
  12. I was in a car crash (see photos here). Thankfully we were both physically ok afterwards, but in a state of shock for a few days afterwards.
  13. ... and that's just scratching the tip of the iceberg.

With all this stuff going on, that's why my blog posts have been less frequent and you've rarely heard from me if you're not one of my customers or coaching clients.

Thankfully things are looking up again now, but I want to make something abundantly clear...

I'm not telling you this sob story to whine or complain. It's just an example of what ALL of us go through at some point in our lives.

Of course it really sucks and massively slows down your progress. But the important thing is to persevere through everything, as they are only temporary hurdles which can be overcome.

Yes - you can sit there and play the pity party, complaining about how all the bad things always happen to you...

Or you can get up every time you're knocked down and fight back stronger than you were before.

Personally I chose the second option, and despite all these issues, my online business has grown from $20k per month to over $60k per month in the last 6 months alone.

(I'll be sharing exactly what I did with my subscribers over the next few weeks.)

So if you've been taking action lately and have been getting any kind of results, then keep up the awesome work! You're the kind of person who will achieve all the goals you set yourself.

But if you haven't made as much progress as you'd have liked, focus LESS on what's been happening to you, and instead focus on MAKING things happen.

That's the key to achieve everything you set your mind to.

Onwards and upwards!
- James Francis.

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21 Responses

  1. i hear you... oh the stories we could tell of getting back on the horse (so to speak) after many somewhat disheartening (but eye-opening) stumbles, rising up beyond the circumstance and situations to seek out new adventures

  2. James, that is an awesome testimony of perseverance. The Lord Jesus has (and is using) you to inspire and help others around this world (me included). I am an ordained preacher (for the past 22 years) and own and operate three (not one - but three) online radio stations - and all three are ranked in the Top 10 world wide in their genre.

    I was a police officer but was injured in the line of duty and forced to retire. Disability income alone just does not cut it…(but thank God for it). That is why I have turned to online marketing - to pay the bills OFF; to make up for lost income; to provide a future for my wife and family.

    I believe the Lord has brought your program into my life and I sincerely believe your program will make the difference in our finances I have been praying for. I am part of the "Everything Done for You" program…and I am slowly instituting the steps in Six Figure Shortcut modules…Everything you are teaching is inspiring and "spot on!" Amen!

    I'm looking forward to the "awesome testimony" you will soon receive from my end…Amen!

    If there is anything I can do for you or pray for you or your family - please message me and you will be shot to the top of our prayer list!

    Be Blessed in ALL You Do!

    Bob Thibodeau
    Pastor / online marketer (in training)

    1. My story is somwhat similar toyours everything was going great til lmy mother died with cancer wrhen everything started going downhill. I did a few property deals which went sour with the property boom going down i nearly went bankrupt but with the grace of god kept my head above the water.
      Now i have joined your organisation and hoping to make it to the top with your help

  3. Respect to you for sharing that story it sounds rough. Iv been through the anxiety and panic its pretty horrific but it can be was binge drinking done it to me. over that part of my life now and life is good .i just bought my own home so lots to look forward to but to be honest I am more excited for finding this coaching programme. I have a huge drive inside me to be financially independent and be able to live on my own terms, plus prove the long line of critics wrong who think the 40/40 plan is the only way through life. I hope you and your family the best health for the future and hope you break the 1mill barrier 🙂

  4. Hey James, sorry to hear about the bad news man but at the same time, thanks for posting this up because it only shows that even highly successful (on the internet) people, are humans after all.

    Really cool to know everything is going bright again and massive kudos to you for choosing the latter option, that's the one I'd have chosen as well.


    PS. I resonated with you on the panic attacks and dealing with anxiety lately, I've been married for one year (not saying that was the problem) but things did change, a lot.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! I really appreciate it.

    Plus, I hope all those who are currently going through a struggle are helped by this post too 🙂

    Have a great day!
    - James Francis.

  6. James, you have had a lot of real but terrible problems. I have had a brain tumour myself ( a bad one that they did not want to operate on but the person with me was a theatre trained nurse and knew the consultant and for her he operated) so thats my good luck story. But yur right to keep on fighting and going forward. I hope that the next 6 months is better for you than the last 6 months.


  7. James, I can't believe everything you and your family have been through the past few months! It's amazing how you've kept it together and managed to thrive business-wise inspite of everything. Besides being an incredibly kind and great coach, you're a very strong, clear-minded, intelligent and determined person. I am encouraged by your revelations.

    I have been through some tough times in the past 4 years myself: divorce, having to part with a pet, 2 major moves, a very ill parent that has since (thank God) recovered, and financial struggles. Things have stabilized a lot in the last year and I am more focused and determined than ever on finally becoming financially independent. Your program and your coaching have been a tremendous benefit to me. It's the first time I've made any money online and it has given me hope for future possibilities.

    I have also struggled with anxiety and panic/anxiety attacks for many years. During the last couple of years though, I have made some dietary changes that have made a huge difference. The first thing I used, that helped me a lot, is a St. John's Wort based supplement called Perika. It is natural and available on Amazon and helps within 30 minutes with my periodic depression and/or anxiety attacks. The nice thing about it is that it’s natural, works fast and I can take it on an as needed basis. It doesn’t have to be in your blood stream for weeks before you notice the effects. There are no side effects that I am aware of, other than sensitivity to the sun while taking it. It’s been a god-send for me and other members of my family. I used it a lot in the past but now I only need it once or twice a month when my hormonal fluctuations create feelings of stress and anxiety. The main thing that has stabilized my moods is adding healthy oils and fats to my diet.

    For the longest time I avoided fats of any kind because I was brainwashed to believe that they are unhealthy. The truth is that we need healthy fats in order for fat soluble vitamins (namely: D, E, A, K) to be absorbed into out bodies. Our brains also need healthy fats to function properly.

    Since I have added: healthy fats, lots of leafy green veggies and juices, and fermented foods like salt based pickles and sauerkraut (probiotics for healthy gut)
    and cut out: processed foods and soft drinks (esp. anything with high fructose corn syrup or anything artificial in it) and all wheat products and greatly reduced my carbohydrate intake,
    my moods have stabilized. I have a sense of well-being and calmness nearly all the time. I have no food cravings.

    The most important fats in my diet are avocados, nuts, organic virgin olive oil, butter and cheese from pasture raised cows, organic coconut oil (this is brain food and has even been reported to neutralize alcohol cravings because it goes to the same receptors in the brain), hemp oil (has the exact proportions of Omega 3 and 6 we need) cod liver oil capsules, skate liver oil capsules, and cod liver oil mixed with high vitamin butter oil capsules (from Green Pastures). The vitamin K2 in the high vitamin butter oil, hard cheese, and skate liver oil and salt based pickles and sauerkraut makes sure that calcium gets deposited into bones and teeth instead of the arteries. I hope all this information can help you and others reading this.

    I admire you for pressing on against all odds and inspiring the rest of us to do the same. Thank you for sharing, James.

    Bless you and your family!


  8. Wow, life can throw the brown stuff at you at times, and you wonder what the heck you must have done in some previous incarnation to warrant that kind of attention...whereas other people never experience any kind of dramas it sure is weird. All the best James, and I mean that!

  9. Wow! That is a great deal of adversity to cope with while working toward your goal. Under those circumstances a great many people would have just sat under the tree of despair and not worked on nothing.

    Thank you for sharing your own personal circumstances. Really provides a boost considering that some similar occurrences have happened to my family and myself lately.

    Glad everything is working in your favor and on your behalf. And that you family is healing.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. Wow! James! You went through a rough period the last 6 months. I so appreciate you sharing your humanity. What speaks to me is your true spirit of authenticity that shines though in how you share yourself and how you present your tutorials of Digital Prosperity. You are great teacher. You teach from your own experience and are willing to share what mistakes you have made that let you grow into your expertise. I am present to your deep care for people and your sincere commitment for them to win and live their dream.

    I am a beginner in the game of information marketing. I recently signed up for your Zero To 10k Coaching Program, since I felt immensely empowered listening to your recent step-by-step teaching program, which helped me work through the technology of internet marketing. It unleashed in me a process of thinking from the dynamic of internet marketing and enabled me to set my first creative steps in making my books available to my audience.

    I thank you for who you are and for your courage to stay true to yourself. I thank your family, friends and collegues for supporting you in your vision. I am truly inspired. Thank you! You are making a huge difference in the lives of a lot of people. I am grateful for having joined your community of like-minded people.

    Kindest regards,

  11. Hey James!
    I appreciated your blog post more than you will know!

    I appreciate your upbeat attitude, even in the face of such adversity. The motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, famously once said, "Adversity does not build character, it reveals character," and that certainly seems to be the case for you.

    I, too, have had my share of personal and career ups and downs in the past decade including divorce, personal bankruptcy and foreclosure on my sweet Long Island, NY home--which necessitated a move out of state (from NY to Michigan) and away from my young adult children whom I adore as well as all my friends.

    On top of all of that, my dear sweet husband (the love of my life) was recently diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. *SIGH* (We are former HS sweethearts who reunited decades after graduation and had been enjoying a long-distance relationship until I went bankrupt and had to move to be with him. At the time of the diagnosis last summer, (a year after I moved in) we decided to marry and become officially family.

    The good news is that my new husband and I have a fabulous relationship with each other, with our children (his and mine) and with my former husband and his lovely family. This past Christmas we all spent the holiday together in NY where they still live. My dream come true. 🙂

    The other good news is finding you and your fabulous coaching program!!!

    At long last, I feel I have the direction and ongoing support I need to make Learning with Puppets a huge success. Whenever I am filled with fear and worry over health concerns for my husband, I just focus on my business and the training you provide and find immense relief in thinking about something happy and wonderful, something other than the Big C (even though that has come with plenty of gifts, such as the ability to appreciate every moment with loved ones). Knowing that you have been so successful in the face of challenges is immensely inspiring!

    I'm not sure how someone as young as you is so wise beyond your years, but I so appreciate being one of your avid students. I also enjoy learning from your community of students. All of it fuels my spirit in the most positive ways possible!

    Thanks for all your help.

    Mary Beth Spann

  12. James, I was impressed with the situations you've been through, but it is very good that you have passed and you managed to defeat.
    Your accomplishments financially field lead you to you believe that further fighting to keep you at the forefront of business.
    You are a good example to be followed and with your help we beginners can penetrate into the core of their business.
    My deeply respect,

  13. Hi James,

    Thanks for letting us have a peak into your personal life. Thank God that everything is getting back to normal for you and your wife. My last year was also a roller coaster ride, putting me back into creating my first product, and my journey into becoming successful.

    I'm not using this as an excuse for not taking much action last year, but it's a fact that personal issues do have a big impact on what you are doing. I am starting to get back on track,but still have one more problem to solve , and that is to sell my apartment, which I hope to accomplish in a few months. Financial problems was one of the issues I had last year, hence the selling of my apartment to solve that issue.

    I hope that, NO, I know that 2015 will be a life changer for me, and if all goes as I want it to go, I will be sharing my progress next year at the same time.

    - Frank Claassen

  14. Your community of like-minded souls without bodies on the internet- as I call them- is refreshing as I can feel them without seeing them. Every one of them is so open minded and willing to share their one life experience with such love and kindness.
    I can see this is a token of your encouragement and great leadership. I think I will stick around a bit longer to see where you're heading in the near future. For I have been surfing the internet with the hope of finding more transparency. I think I have found it here in your community/One Love!

  15. Hey James,

    Wow, I just want to say thank you for telling us about all these 6 months. This is a lesson for me and for all those who are giving up easily. Keep up to good work.


  16. Gosh James, you've really been through it over the last 6months !

    So glad that family life is back on track, and more positive.

    I've just watched your new video .... what a lovely house, and very well deserved !


  17. Great Motivation James. It's stored for those not so eloquent moment's. Glad all is now shaping up for you and us.....

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