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What Is An Upsell - And How Do I Create A Perfect One?

An upsell is one of the greatest weapons in an Internet Marketer’s arsenal, but what is an upsell, and how do you create a perfect one?

Essentially, an upsell involves recommending another product to the customer before or after they have purchased their initial product.

This is usually a complimentary, better, and higher-priced product than the original (or ‘front end’) product.

In fact, here’s how powerful this is…

Let’s say your original product is priced at a low $7. Without any upsells, you’ll make just that – $7.

But with upsells, your sales funnel could look like the following…

Front-End Product ($7) –> Upsell #1 ($27) –> Upsell #2 ($67) –> Upsell #3 ($197)

So instead of earning $7, you now have the chance of earning up to $298 per customer!

… Do you see how powerful this is, and why online business experts are able to pull off 6 and 7 figure per year businesses using this exact strategy?

You may have noticed that McDonalds upsell all the time with their classic line of “would you like fries with that”?

So this isn’t anything new or fancy – but it’s such an underused strategy, and people are losing an extra zero off their paychecks because they haven’t added any upsells in place.

(Maybe you’re one of them!)

Even just one upsell can double or triple your income.

I mean, put it this way…

Without an upsell, you are making a basic amount of sales and restricting your profits.

But with an upsell, you are maximizing your sales by increasing your profit per customer, and also helping people reach their goals faster with new and relevant products.

… And that’s the key to a perfect upsell, to be relevant.

Without relevancy, your upsells will get a very low conversion rate and may even drive your customers away from buying anything else from you at all.

For example, a customer is at your website and has just hit the “submit” button to buy an information product about how to make money online using Internet Marketing.

On the next page, let’s say your sales process suddenly upsells them with a dog training e-book.

Now even though a lot of your buyers may own dogs, this is not what they came to your website to buy.

Instead, the website owner should upsell them with something relevant, such as another valuable e-book or video course relating to how to generate traffic, how to set up an effective website, how to build a list of buyers (or similar), or even a series of live coaching sessions.

Just remember – whatever product you’re upselling must be valuable to your customer.

So it’s not worth trying to upsell them an e-book you bought for $3 with PLR rights (which everyone already has stored away on their hard drive somewhere).

They must find the product to be of high quality and useful to them.

If this is the case, it’ll almost always sell a lot better.

However, here’s a mistake which I see all the time…

If you’re going to implement any upsells, don’t have any more than 3 upsells, as this will most likely make people leave your sales process – even before claiming their original product.

This usually results in massive refund rates, and a ton of unhappy customers – turning your long-term profitable business into a very short-term “one-hit wonder”.

… So do it properly! 🙂

But by now, you’re probably thinking… “How do I actually implement one?”

Well if your product is hosted with Clickbank, they have a new easy-to-use feature called “PitchPlus” which allows you to add a one-click upsell after the customer’s purchase. You can find it inside your Clickbank account (if you have a ‘vendor’ account).

And if you’re using a normal PayPal button, you can just use the “Thank You Page URL” as a link to your new upsell page.

In both cases, don’t forget to let your customers know their order has been completed successfully, and always give them an option to decline the upsell and grab their original product, as it’s required by PayPal and Clickbank’s T’s & C’s.

So in summary, the key to a perfect upsell is for the additional product you’re offering to:

1) Be relevant and complimentary
2) Be of high quality and provide value
3) Not be preceded by three other upsells!

Now get going and implement YOUR perfect upsell 🙂

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. What upsells do you currently have in place? Or do you have any questions about this post? Leave a comment below!

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