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Web Design And HTML For Newbies

The bane of an online business owner's daily routine is often something which you wouldn’t initially think is needed, but you WON’T be able to make any money online without it…

Learning the basics of Web Design & HTML!

… And although you may recoil in fear (or even boredom!) on this topic, you MUST learn the basics to actually implement the strategies I teach you.

After all, how can you add your autoresponder’s opt-in form code to your squeeze page if you don’t understand where it goes?

And more importantly, how can you create the page in the first place (or edit it in the future) if you don’t understand how anything works?

Watch the free content-packed video below to learn everything you need to know…

(It’s a valuable snippet taken directly from our latest live Online Income Masterclass (now Digital Prosperity Insiders) coaching session)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions in the comments section below 🙂

- James Francis.

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