Would You Like Me To Build An Online Business Making $10,000 Per Month In Digital Product Sales FOR You?

From the desk of James Francis.
London, UK.

Dear Friend,

We all know that an automated website that converts traffic into subscribers, then those subscribers into sales of digital products and services in a dependable, consistent and profitable way is the holy grail of an online business.

But there’s a problem.

For this to happen, you need to build a lot of complex elements.

We’re talking squeeze pages, email lists, download pages, blogs, members areas, content delivery pages, sales pages and a whole lot more.

This leaves most people feeling overwhelmed by all the technical steps and stranded without a lifeline.

And that’s assuming you have the many hours of spare time required to get it all done in the first place!

Maybe you can relate?

This kind of situation needs more than just a “one size fits all” video course or PDF, because your online business is unique to you.

That’s why from today, I’m going to build an entire online business and scale it to $10,000 per month in product sales for just three people on my email newsletter.

I’ll consult with you to find out what you want teh business to be about, then I’ll do all of the work and hand you the keys to the online business when it’s making $10,000 in NET profit per month, for at least six consecutive months.

This is by far the most transformational opportunity I’ve ever put together, and won’t be repeated again in the future.

At this point you probably have a few questions, but let’s start with the obvious one…

Why Am I Doing This?

Between you and me, quite frankly it gets a little boring when you’re working in the same niche all the time.

As an entrepreneur, I want to keep myself interested by profiting in more markets so I can better help my other coaching clients with their businesses.

Plus, one of my existing clients has just graduated from this program, which has opened up more time in my schedule.

Here’s What Happens When We
Decide To Work Together…

On day one, if you already have something online, I’ll review it and see if we can use it, or if it needs to be re-created to get the best results possible.

Then either way, I’ll get to work immediately on setting up your online business in the correct way to make a huge profit.

More specifically…

First, if you don’t have a niche yet, we’ll talk about your ideas and come up with a good one. But if you do, I’ll dive deeply into your online business to find out the demographics (the physical characteristics of your audience like age, gender, location and so on) and psychographics (what your prospects think and feel) to create a solid business plan that gives people what they want.

Often as entrepreneurs we focus on what WE want to create, but forget about what the prospects actually want, resulting in zero sales. Doing this exercise properly prevents that.

Next, we’ll create a “lead magnet” based on the careful research, and make it so compelling to people that they’d crawl over broken glass to get it.

This will be a short PDF report which fits into a specific framework that made us over $500k in profit from digital product sales over the last 12 months alone.

Although this content needs to be written in your writing style (so it positions YOU as the authority figure and not me), it’s only the length of a short article – and I’ll even tell you what to write.

Next, I’ll create a sales funnel around this free content including a compliant medium-length squeeze page with a huge opt-in rate, one-time offer, content delivery page, and more.

All of this process will be designed to get your ideal customers to consume your content while buying based on your recommendation.

After that, I’ll set up an email follow-up sequence for you which reacts based on the behavior of your subscribers.

This way, it prevents your subscribers from “burning out” while maximizing sales in the process.

With this drip-fed follow-up sequence in place, it converts the fence sitters into loyal customers for multiple products, so your profit per customer increases over time.

I’ll also create the entire sales funnel for your best-selling product line too.

We’re talking about the front-end offer sales page, upsell sales pages, order form set up and integration with one-click upsells, members area, private community, our proven customer email retention sequence to drop your refund rates to rock bottom and a whole lot more.

(Again, you’ll need to create the content in your own “voice”, but I’ll tell you exactly what to create and do it with you.)

Once your proven automated system is in place, I’ll set up a dependable and scalable traffic campaign so you generate subscribers and customers on demand.

Finally, my expert team and I will personally tweak, test and optimize everything until it’s making a positive Return On Investment (ROI), then scale the whole thing until you’re making $10,000 per month NET Profit for six consecutive months.

This whole process will just need about 10-30 minutes of tweaking per day after that – and even then, I’ll coach you on what to do until you’re 100% happy.

I hope you’ll agree that’s not too shabby for a profitable online business.

Is There A Guarantee?

Obviously this is a VERY premium offer which takes up a lot of my time and effort, with a very sought-after outcome.

(As you know, $10,000 per month businesses don’t get handed out on a platter every day!)

However because I always want to over-deliver, I want to guarantee your outcome.

That’s why if you’re not making $10,000 per month by the end of the first 365 days, I’ll refund your investment in full – and you still get to keep everything I’ve set up for you.

And when you do make $10,000 in a single calendar month – the service doesn’t stop there…

I’ll then also maintain your business for you over the next 6 months to make sure it stays above $10,000 in profit every month. So you can expect a minimum return of $60,000 USD from this service.

It’ll all be legally-binding with a contract, so you’re guaranteed to get what I promise by law.

This way, you risk nothing and the worst case scenario is that you end up with an already-profitable online business being handed to you for free.

Speaking of your investment…

Here's How Much It Costs When You
Decide You Want Me To Build You A
$10,000 Per Month Online Business

In the event we decide to work together on the initial phone conversation, I’ll immediately start building everything I’ve described above.

The total cost for everything – the “deep dive” niche research, lead acquisition process, positive ROI traffic campaign, behaviour-based email marketing sequences, paid members areas, product sales pages, upsell sales pages, back-end offers and more – all uniquely built and installed for you and optimized UNTIL it’s reaching $10,000 profit per month for a minimum of 6 months, plus the on-demand consulting and the weekly live calls is just $20,000 USD.

Yes, that is a great price. You come out a minimum $40k better off.

I’m deliberately keeping the price very low because I know that once you have this successful business, you’ll be a customer for life.

(Most of my business has always come from repeat customers.)

As you can imagine, the demand for this service is currently VERY high, and at the great price I just mentioned, all five spots will get snapped up very quickly.

So if you’re interested…

Here’s What To Do Next

First, I’d like to get to know you and what goals you have for your online business.

Then if I can help you achieve those goals, we can talk about accepting you into this service.

To schedule your initial phone conversation with me, I’ll need a $100 “real person” deposit.

Don’t worry, I'm not "in it" for your deposit, and it's refundable under every circumstance known to man.

I'm just collecting it as a way to keep time-wasters at bay and you can have it back after we talk.

I don't want your $100. (I think you get the point).

Anyway, then…

Here’s What Happens After That…

Next, you’ll be taken to a short and quick questionnaire which helps me to get prepared for when we talk together.

And no – it won’t ask about anything intrusive or complicated.

Just what your online business is selling (or what you want it to sell), and how you want it to look when it’s profitable.

This feedback helps me to create a plan for you, so we can cover it in our chat to hit the ground running and make progress instantly.

Then I’ll personally email you within 48 hours to schedule a chat at a time that suits you, so we can go over your plans and see if I can help you.

Don’t worry – you WON’T be contacted by telemarketers or anyone weird like that.

As you already know me, you’ll know I don’t do anything unethical like that and don’t use “outsourced” people in call centers.

My entire focus is to see if I can actually help you, and give you realistic expectations about your results from us working together.

If you want to become a client, great! And if not, no pressure.

Here’s The Catch You’ve Been Looking For

It’s pretty simple.

We can’t (and won’t) work with just anyone.

So we can be a good fit for each other, there are a few house rules…

  • You must not ask me to create something unethical. So if you’re into selling porn, gambling, “get rich quick” type offers or anything illegal, this opportunity isn’t for you. I only work with ethical people who actually want to help their customers and make a positive difference in the world.
  • This isn’t really suited to all business types. Because most of the campaigns are built around the latest direct-response principles, the stuff you’re selling needs to be either a digital product or service. (That’s how we get results quickly). So if you’re selling physical products on Amazon, this opportunity probably isn’t for you.

Ready to get started?

Here’s What To Do Next…

Step #1Go here to place your refundable “I’m a real person” deposit. This secures the phone conversation with me.

Step #2 – After placing your deposit, fill in the short questionnaire. It’ll only take a few minutes.

Step #3 – I’ll review your questionnaire, and if it doesn’t look like I can help you, I won’t waste your time by having a conversation about it.

Instead, we’ll immediately return your deposit and send you some free materials you can use right away.

And assuming we do think we can help you, I’ll reach out to you via email from my personal email address within 48 hours to schedule a time to talk.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I’m looking forward to working together soon.

Hope to talk with you soon!

James Francis
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

P.S. This offer is VERY limited due to the about of time and resources it takes to build a successful online business making $10k per month from sales of digital products and/or services. If you want to get started, secure your conversation with me ASAP.