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Traffic Quality - Is All Traffic Created Equal?

When generating traffic to your website, it’s easy to fall for the “get a million visitors to your website for just twenty bucks” scams.

After all, if just 1% of those visitors converted into a sale, you’d make an immense amount of sales, right?

… You’d think so.

But more often than not, the quality of this traffic is so low that it’s virtually useless.

Most of the time, the so-called “visitors” coming to your website are just robots, set up by the seller of these scams to click your link, over and over again.

However, this isn’t the only kind of traffic which is of a very low quality…

Most so-called ‘viral’ services such as traffic exchanges and safe lists also have a very low quality of traffic, as their INTENT isn’t to visit your website – the truth is, in fact, that they’re visiting your website to benefit their own account by earning credits and such by doing so.

Therefore the visitor hardly ever takes ANY notice of your website at all, and is often a ‘freebie seeker’ at best.

… Which means no income for you.

But the concept I just covered is the most important factor of making a LOT of sales from your website traffic – the intent, or “pre-frame” of the visitor.

If your visitors are arriving at your website through an error or an annoyance, you’re going to get VERY low results.


Because their INTENT wasn’t to take a look at your stuff – and before they even read your content, they’re thinking, “why the heck am I now on this website”?


If you have visitors arriving at your website due to a positive recommendation from someone they know, like and trust – they’ll already have a positive “pre-frame” of your content before they even read anything on your webpage.

This is the difference in traffic quality.

(… and is also why affiliate marketing works so well!)

In fact, high quality traffic is essential to gaining huge conversions and ultimately more sales as a result, but it’s often left unnoticed.

Not only that, but they all have one thing in common – the INTENT to actually take action when they reach your website.

This often takes form of a referral or recommendation of some kind, or even specifically targeting affluent audiences and demographics.

After all, if they’ve got more money available to spend, then there’s a higher chance they’ll spend it.

… Makes sense, right?

For another example of referred (or ‘recommended’) traffic, some people are notoriously good at producing a HUGE conversion rate and massive amount of sales, mainly due to their ability to send a huge amount of high quality traffic to an offer (or product) by personally referring them over – usually by sending an email to their mailing list.

(These people are sometimes known as “super affiliates”)

This means that when the visitor reaches the web page, they already have an idea of what to expect from you and are choosing to pursue your website intentionally.

So if you currently have a very low opt-in rate for your squeeze pages, are really struggling to make any sales, and you’re generating low quality traffic through cheap, untargeted methods…

… change your source of traffic to increase the conversion rate of your offers, which will often result in a huge influx of extra sales.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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