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Top 3 Tips For Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you’ve been around the Internet Marketing industry for any amount of time, you’ll know that just because somebody clicks the “Order” button on your sales page, it doesn’t necessarily means they’ll go through and buy your product.

They may visit the order form to check the price of the product (to save reading any lengthy sales letters) or even to see what the next step in the order process looks like.

In fact, they may genuinely visit the shopping cart order form with the full intention of buying the product, but instead have second thoughts when they weigh up their options.

When these second thoughts creep in and the order form is ‘abandoned’ (resulting in a lost sale), this is known as ‘shopping cart abandonment’.

There are many methods for reducing shopping cart abandonment, but here are the top 3 biggest and best methods for closing those previously lost sales…

Tip #1 – Reinforcement

I secretly stole this from possibly the biggest market existing to date – the adult industry (for research purposes only! 😀 )

Your order form is the biggest centre of doubt in your whole website and is often the main area when second thoughts begin to creep in – just before the visitor takes action.

To combat this, have an image of the prospect’s final outcome alongside the order form, also including some testimonials.

For example, if your product is about how to quit smoking, place an image of a happy, smiling, healthy family alongside the order form.

This not only reinforces the purpose they’re buying the product for (i.e. the end goal), but keeps the same emotional theme throughout your website.

Tip #2 – Exit Pop-Ups

Studies have shown that even when a visitor is leaving an order form, the majority of them do it half-heartedly and hesitate to do so.

To combat this, an exit pop-up script can make all the difference.

Love them or hate them, they get some HUGE results!

It should state how the offer they were about to buy is only valid for a limited time, or even offer them a small discount on their order.

This usually persuades the visitor onto the other side of hesitation and leads them to finally go through and buy.

Tips #3 – Follow Up Messages

When visitors take action by clicking the order button, this often qualifies them as a valuable lead, as it actually proves they’re willing to spend money and are not just around for the freebies.

… Therefore, you should segment these visitors into a category of their own.

To do this, simply add a basic opt-in form before the order form (even on the sales page!), simply requesting their email address.

This will then add them to a “prospects” list, meaning you can contact them through personal email or a series of autoresponder messages to persuade them to finally finish the buying transaction.

Again, use a small discount as a bribe if you wish.

Although, don’t forget to add a “customers only” opt-in form after the order has been completed, as this stops any nuisance follow-up messages being sent out once the customer has already bought.

So there you have it!

Implement these methods right away and you’ll definitely see a huge decrease in cart abandonment, resulting in more sales and bigger profits.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Did you like this blog post? Or do you have any shopping card abandonment experiences of your own?

I’d love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment below...

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