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Top 10 Ways To Get More Results From What You Already Have

It’s a well known fact that the most effective methods to increase the amount of money you make with your product or affiliate offer include:

  1. Getting more traffic to your website, meaning your offer is exposed to more people.
  2. Increasing conversion rates, resulting in an increase in amount of sales you can generate from that same traffic.

However, getting more traffic is often easier said than done…

Not only that, but everyone loves instant results – so traffic and results are what we’ll concentrate on today.

The most effective way you can increase your sales almost overnight is by increasing conversions for the traffic that you already have.

The more attractive your offer seems to your visitors, then the more those people will go through to buy – seems logical, right?

Now, increased conversions can happen by changing several different factors on your website or even your marketing campaign itself.

And with the industry changing so rapidly, some methods for super-high conversions no longer work as well as they used to.

So to save you the hassle and to boost your sales starting today, here are the biggest conversion boosters from both my experience and my high-paying clients’ experiences…

1) Keep It Above The Fold

According to recent statistics, almost half of your visitors will never scroll down your web page to view the rest of the content, so make the space you have available to them count.

That point where you have to start scrolling is called “the fold”, and your target is everything above it.

Have all of the important information such as opt-in forms, videos, your call to action – and other main purposes of the web page – to be above the fold.

2) Be Different

As with anything in life, being different always attracts attention, and some business owners would consider this to be the main focus of their marketing plan.

It sets you apart from your competitors and raises you to a level of your own, leaving room for price increases and often results in an increased demand.

Change your personal branding to include something different from your competitors.

People will not only remember you more easily, but they’ll also be able to form a trusting relationship with you more easily, too.

3) Follow Up With People

There are a few statistics out there which state that an average user needs to see an offer around seven times before it registers as being important enough for them to consider buying it.

But this doesn’t mean you should spam your offer to them ruthlessly. Oh, no.

Instead, form an effective follow-up campaign using methods such as autoresponder sequences, customer care phone calls, and offering bribes for them taking fast action (such as giving them free content and/or special discounts).

However, these points of follow up contact must…

4) Give Value To Your Visitors

Often the most underrated aspects of online marketing, giving value to your users and actually helping them out is critical to increasing your sales.

Instead of just pitching your offer to them all the time, help them out by giving them something related to your main offer for free.

This helps them to trust you, and whenever they achieve results from your free gift, they’ll keep you in mind for their next purchase.

You can also leave space for a sentence or two at the bottom of your free gift which soft-sells (briefly mentions) your main offer.

5) Learn Basic Copywriting Skills

However long you delay the fact, copywriting is also one of the biggest keys to landing good conversions (heck, why do you think copywriters are paid so well?)

The words of an offer sculpt an image or ‘perception’ in the reader’s mind, so the better the perception, the more chance you’ve got of making a sale.

Take it upon yourself to learn the basic copywriting skills for online marketing, and you’ll be sure to see a huge increase in future conversions. After all, education stays with you forever.

In fact, one of the biggest golden nuggets of basic copywriting I can give you is to…

6) Give ‘Reasons Why’

Whenever a visitor is faced with an offer or any kind of decision, the mind requires inner justification.

In non-geek speak, they need a ‘reason why’ they should do what you tell them to.

If you provide this ‘reason why’ for them, it cuts out their inner guesswork and leads them to where you want them to go (that’s your call to action), whether it’s an order page or an opt-in form.

For example, if you’re doing a sale of your products for the weekend, give them a realistic reason for why you’re doing so, such as to say “thank you” to your loyal subscribers for reading your emails.

It’s much more powerful than leaving them guessing and coming to their own, and often negative, conclusions.

7) Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge problem in any industry, but there are a few steps you can take to prevent it.

The biggest way is to add a simple opt-in form before the order form, which will add them to a “prospects” list.

Then, add another one after their payment has been successful, offering them a cool bribe to do so (such as being on the exclusive customer list and getting updated content), which adds them to the “customer” list.

This means you can follow-up with the ‘prospect’ leads and offer them valuable bribes to continue with their payment.

You can also reinforce their decision to sign up by placing images of the final outcome of the product right next to the order form.

8) Better Quality Traffic

A wise man once said, “not all traffic is created equal”. Actually, he didn’t – I just made that up. But it’s true -

If you’re browsing a website solely dedicated to freebies, what intent do you have in mind? To get free stuff, right?

… And what are the chances of buying anything from there?

It’s often virtually nil.

However, if you’re browsing a website showing expensive products, you would be less shocked with the introduction of a price factor.

The same rule applies to traffic.

If the user is browsing a whole host of safelist emails promising free stuff, your offer to buy a $97 product is suddenly less appealing to them.

But if you’re specifically targeting people who are more affluent or even have the intent of purchasing something, you already know they’re a qualified buyer.

Pricing of your offers towards these different groups of people will vary, and is something I’ve often talked about in our Live Coaching Sessions.

Target these people instead of the freebie seekers, and you’ll most definitely see a massive increase in sales.

9) Testing

As with anything, concepts vary from situation to situation, or ‘niche to niche’.

Without testing what you’re currently doing, how do you know how to improve it – or more importantly, if it’s working at all?

When trying out a new (or old) marketing campaign or method, always test it using analytics software (such as Google Analytics).

This way, you can track your progress and make any necessary changes to make it convert better in the future.

10) Repeat What Works

The biggest mistake I see time and time again – and possibly the biggest ‘golden nugget’ in this article – is for people to try something new every time they only make a hundred bucks or so (or even less), hoping to land a thousand dollar payday right off the bat.

To correct this mistake, search within your business and find out the top 3 activities which have worked best for you in the past.

These should be activities which have brought in the most leads, the most sales, or the most traffic to your website.

And you know what? Repeat these activities as often as you can.

If they’ve worked once, they’ll usually work time and time again, and with the concept of scaling, each time will work better than the last with each and every time you try it.

So put these tips into action right now, and I can guarantee you’ll see a huge increase in sales within the next 7 days, if not instantly!

Talk soon,
- James.

P.S. Have you done anything to your own websites to increase conversions/results?

Or maybe you have an idea, question, or comment about this blog post?

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