Top 10 Secrets Of A Successful Online Business

While building my six figure online business, I’ve learnt a LOT.

Some important things, some not so important.

But there are 10 important “secrets” which really stand out to me, and have made the difference between failing and succeeding online.

Here they are (in no particular order)…

  1. Don’t try to do everything for free – you’ll get nowhere fast. The free products out there never give you the full story in a step-by-step way (hence why they’re free!), and you’ll waste so much valuable time trying to piece it all together. Instead, pull out your wallet and invest in a proven system which has already pieced everything together for you. You’ll save more time and get results a lot quicker. Plus, the same applies for traffic. Free traffic usually takes WAY too long to get started, and will often get lower conversion rates than the more targeted paid traffic.
  2. After trying many different traffic sources, the best traffic by far is from solo ads. Not only have these people already proven they can take action (because they’re already on someone else’s email list), but they typically respond a lot better to our “IM” style a lot better than traffic from elsewhere (Google, Facebook, etc).
  3. Test everything scientifically. If you don’t actually track and test things, how do you know what’s working or not? Remember to use Sub IDs on your affiliate links (e.g. on the end of your Clickbank affiliate link, add “?tid=facebook” to track traffic from Facebook, and so on), and split test every change you do to your important web pages (sales pages, squeeze pages, etc). That way, you’ll know if you’re making improvements, or actually making things worse.
  4. Learn to write well. Those who can’t write in a grammatically correct manner will ALWAYS struggle to build momentum in their business. After all, Information Marketing is all about persuasion, and you’ll struggle to do that if you type like you’ve just came out of kindergarten. You don’t need to speak like and English professor, just well enough to communicate your point across in a professional way. There are many free resources online which teach you how to write correct English. Just do a quick Google search.
  5. Quality is always better than quantity. I could pay someone five bucks right now and get a million visitors to my website within 24 hours, but I wouldn’t get any results from it, because the traffic will all be automated robots. The truth is, getting traffic isn’t a problem – it’s getting high quality traffic which really matters. Stop looking for large volumes of traffic, and start looking for high quality, highly targeted traffic.
  6. You’ll struggle to carve a wealthy living out of affiliate marketing without creating your own product(s). Having proven customers on your email list is around 7-10x more profitable (i.e. your EPCs will be multiplied by 7-10 times) a normal “freebie seeker” list, and the only way to gain those customers is from them buying your products. As soon as you do that, your affiliate commissions will go through the roof.
  7. Find one system and stick to it. Bill Gates’s business didn’t become rich by creating computers, then trying out building a few cars, then doing some gardening, then trying out dentistry, then building some houses, and so on. Instead, he did what he was good at and stuck with it in the long-term. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are successful businesses. In your case, you need to find something that works, stick to it in the long-term, and be patient.
  8. Build an email list! It is NOT optional if you want to succeed in the long term – it should be the CORE of your Information Marketing business. I’ll make a pretty accurate guess that the reason why most people fail online is because they don’t build a list of subscribers and customers. It allows you to generate traffic, sales and market research on demand with just the 5-10 minutes it takes to write an email. I didn’t build a list for the first year of my online venture, and I made a pittance. As soon as I started to build that list of subscribers, my income skyrocketed. It’s no coincidence – start building it now.
  9. Conversions (i.e. how well something works) are everything, so you should always concentrate on researching, testing and improving them. Just because an affiliate product looks great, it doesn’t mean people will actually buy it. This is because not every sales page will sell well, and it’s your job to do the necessary research. Just check their Affiliate Invite page and make sure it has a $1 EPC for most affiliates. Similarly, always be improving your conversions for your email marketing, your squeeze pages, and pretty much every important element in your business. Squeeze as many results as you can out of the same traffic, and you’ll leave your competitors in the dust.
  10. Become productive. You will never achieve your goals if you sit reading emails all day. Instead, take action on the content you read and get something done. Making money online isn’t difficult – you just need to take action on the information given to you, and stick with it.
  11. BONUS Tip: You follow the same process to build a six figure business as you do to make your first $1,000 – just on a bigger scale. It’s all about repeating what you’ve done so far, scaling up your traffic, removing any bottlenecks, and improving your system. That’s it.

It’s simply not enough to read these secrets and keep them in your head.

Instead, actively implement them into your online business on a daily basis – that’s how you get great results.

Learn them. Love them. Live them.

- James Francis.

P.S. Have something else you’d like to add to this list? Please leave a comment below 🙂

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