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The Truth About The Gmail Tabs Update

Over the past week or so, there’s been a huge outcry over the new tabs update to Gmail email inboxes.

(And as around 50% of all email addresses on most email lists are Google email addresses, it’s kind of a big deal!)

People all over the web have been crying phrases such as, “OMG, e-mail marketing is dead!”, “Gmail is screwing us marketers!”, and generally anything negative.

However, it’s actually nothing to be afraid of.

Before we go into why, I should probably start with a little background…

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Google recently rolled out an update to all Google email inboxes which now automatically sorts each new email into appropriate tabs.

Here’s how Google explains it…

New Gmail Tabs Update

So understandably, this caused a lot of commotion in our industry, with us being “marketers” and all – as marketing messages are destined straight to the “Promotions” tab.

And I don’t know about you, but my first thought was, “who is going to read all their promotional emails? Google has done them a favor by sorting them into a second “spam” folder!”

… But boy, was I wrong.

The new tabs update hasn’t significantly affected my clicks or sales whatsoever.

In fact, I’ve made even more money than usual lately.

But just to double-check, I did a little test…

In my recent Six Figure Shortcut marketing test, I actually asked my audience to tell me where my emails landed.

It turns out that all of my emails went into the “primary” tab (the default inbox, i.e. where you want to be), with only the 3 emails that were selling something ending up in the “promotions” tab.

But throughout all of it (whether in the “primary” tab or the “promotions” tab), my clicks and opens remained at the same level.

So is email marketing dead?

Of course not!

Amateur email marketing is dead.

If you never actually deliver value to your list and either:

a) Send solo ads to your list multiple times per day, day after day, or
b) Send promotion after promotion (for every launch in existence) to your list

… Then your results are going to suffer BIG time (more than they were from doing this crappy kind of amateur marketing anyway).

It’s all about trust.

When you actually deliver value to your audience, it builds rapport and gets them to trust you – meaning your subscribers actually look for your emails in their inbox with anticipation, instead of getting annoyed every time they see your name.

And with this new Gmail update, it’s more important than ever to build trust with your subscribers, as your emails have an even lower chance of getting viewed if they’re not actively looking for them.

Just deliver value, treat them like a human being, and you’ll see your short-term – and long-term – results skyrocket.

(Plus it means you don’t need to constantly ram 300+ new subscribers onto your list each and every day just to maintain your response rates – which is obviously cheaper, and gives you a much better ROI)

It’s the same as it’s always been. You just need to step up your game and get better at what you do (which should always be the case anyway).

But how did I make more money than ever before with this new update?

Another “breakthrough” factor to getting better response rates is to reach your audience through multiple channels.

I used to hate Facebook. To me, it was just another way to waste hour after hour by looking at cat photos and reading quotes from wannabe philosophers.

But after creating my own Facebook Page, I not only connect with my audience on a more personal level to generate trust and “celebrity status” so they actively look for my emails in their inbox – but my updates now show in their Facebook feed too.

(Plus another great side-effect to this is that my subscribers also get notified by Facebook of my social updates in their “social” Gmail tab, too.)

Connect with your audience on this more personal level, and it will always help to build that required trust to get your messages read.

Email marketing isn’t dead. Just respect your subscribers and actually deliver value, and you’ll get better results than ever before.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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