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The Great Misconception About Traffic

Just a short post today, with an extremely valuable lesson…

When most people start their Internet Marketing journey, they often struggle for months (sometimes years) to get their website and sales funnel online.

And after all that effort, they expect everything to suddenly gain momentum, and for people to flock to their website and start buying through their affiliate links, as if by magic.

But there’s one thing wrong with this…

It isn’t going to happen!

The most common misconception about traffic is that it automatically arrives, in a “if you build it, they will come” kind of way.

It would be great if that was what happened, but unfortunately that’s not the way the world works…

The internet is a vast place, so you need to put your website in front of the existing traffic.

That means finding where your target audience hangs out, and being active there – whether it’s on Facebook, discussion forums, email newsletters, or as paid advertising on other people’s websites (PPC), and just about anywhere they spend their time.

Because it isn’t down to how pretty, perfect or professional your website looks…

It isn’t down to how interesting or personal your content is…

It’s down to your effort to get people to pay attention to your website.

Or in other words, it’s foolish to expect traffic to just “arrive” at your website.

Instead, actively push that traffic to your website.

That’s the key word there – “push”.

You need to be actively out there marketing your website (heck, it is called Internet Marketing, after all), through persuading people to check out your website.

And no – that doesn’t just mean posting your link everywhere, hoping people click on it…

It means actually being helpful (i.e. tell them some good advice for free, then ask them to come to your website for more guidance), treating people like you’d like to be treated, and connecting your solution to people’s problems.

As soon as you start taking action on this information, you’ll never have a traffic problem ever again – I can assure you 🙂

I hope this clarifies a big misconception, and feel free to leave your comments below.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis.

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