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The Top Online Business Mistake Most Beginners Make

After creating the slides for the upcoming live free training session on Thursday, I realized I'd made a big doozy...

I missed out the BIGGEST mistake!

(Who said you had to be smart to run a successful online business!?)

Instead of adding it into the slides somewhere and making the whole thing a lot longer, I decided to record a quick video about it...

And if you'd like to attend the webinar...

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Speak soon!
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

P.S. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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7 Responses

  1. Excellent content here. I started 3 with 3 domain names. Following your advice, I'm ignoring 2 of them for the time being and concentrating on just the one.

  2. Hi James, I imagine that you are right about this.

    But My question would be "When do you decide if it is working or not"? I am just working on one, but it is mostly physical products and I am not sure that will be a money maker.

    It is a passion that I have to do. This may be a crazy question, but I wouldn't mind some imput from you.

    Thanks for everything, Mary

  3. James Thanks Great Content Another thing I found is Getting asked 2 help Others with their Sites etc & getting behind on my Own stuff took me a While to learn 2 say a Firm-but Friendly No
    PS Will Add Video to my YT Channel Cheers.

  4. Hey cool to see you again James, and man... I've fallen for this trap way more times that I would like to admit.

    I guess I do it mostly out of desperation sometimes, thinking "I'll work on several different things at the same time and whatever starts working better, I'll focus more on that one site" but what actually happens is, I never get anything done and my attention is all over the place.

    I'm going to put most things on stand by and focus only on ONE thing, I'll let you know how that goes.

    Thanks for addressing a very common problem with this video man, really enjoyed it.

    Talk soon!


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