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The REAL Key To Success In Your Online Business

There’s a reason why I post more stuff about mindset than actual strategies on my Facebook Page and to my subscribers

The strategies and proven blueprints are everywhere (including my own programs), so the actual PATH to achieve your goals ISN’T the issue.

The issue is the roadblocks that we create for ourselves on a daily basis, in the form of procrastination, self-induced overwhelm, an endless supply of limiting beliefs, or some other BS excuse we keep telling ourselves to keep us firmly planted to the ground.

The reason why I am (probably) getting more results than you is NOT down to the system I’m following – as I share that with my customers on a daily basis – but the mindset behind everything I do.

When I look at new offers being presented to me, I don’t think, “can I buy this?”. I instead analyze the offer and see if I can learn anything from their marketing.

When I start work in the morning, I don’t move from Facebook to my email inbox, to my earnings statistics and back to Facebook again. I instead start at the top of my “to do” list with an activity which will move my business forward and get the most results possible.

When I implement a new strategy into my business or tweak an existing one, I don’t judge it based on what I want, but what my customers want.

In other words, I have a SELLER mindset instead of a BUYER mindset.

If you sell more than you buy – you win.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what your current circumstances are, your available time or money to invest, your upbringing or anything else. You can do this just like many others before you.

Sure – being in the right situation to begin with is going to give you a smoother ride, but time and time again I see people move from unbelievably terrible circumstances to a new world of success in their online business. And the reality is, there’s no solid reason why you can’t too.

Forget about your excuses and claim your rightful place on this Earth – or someone else will.

To your success,
- James Francis.

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