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The Prosperity Process - How To Make Sales In An Authentic Way

Do you ever find yourself selling your awesome products as hard as you can, but still end up making no sales?

And when you do, you feel so much like a slimey salesperson that you feel like taking a shower afterwards?

Or worse, you DO end up making sales but then your customers refund afterwards because they felt pushed into it?

The truth is, you don't need to feel slimey or pushy when making sales.

Over the last 8+ years, we've perfected a solution selling system that doesn't actually feel like selling, because it's done in an authentic way.

Better yet, you'll actually get better results from using it too, as people will naturally want to buy from you instead of feeling pressured into it.

Here's how it works...

The Prosperity Process

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The first stage is the most important...

Stage #1: Niche Infiltration

Niche InfiltrationMoney is made when your prospects buy a solution to their problem.

So to be able to make sales, you need to know who your prospects are and what problems they have before you do anything else.

(Luckily we have another blog post describing how to do this here.)

By the end of this stage, you'll have a complete picture of who they are, what their problems are, their most-used phrases for describing their problems and more - which can all be incorporated into the other parts of this process.

Stage #2: Fix A Problem For Free

Free GiftWhen people first encounter you, they're likely to be jaded and think you're trying to screw them over in some way. But that's ok - it's human nature to be skeptical - especially if you've been screwed over before.

So your main task during this stage is to get your prospects to know, like and trust you.

The best way to show people that you're able to help them is to actually help them. And the most effective way way to do this is by giving them some kind of valuable content for free.

This piece of valuable content doesn't need to be a novel or something that takes forever to create.

In fact, they should only take around 2-3 hours to create at the very maximum, otherwise you're probably overcomplicating it.

In our testing, anything you can give to your prospects which allows them to "swipe and deploy" usually works best (e.g. templates, printable resources, etc), but you can instead use a video tutorial or a short written PDF report if that isn't an option for you.

The best way to structure this free content is:

  1. Briefly explain who you are and why you should listen to you.
  2. Teach them how to solve an issue in your chosen niche (which you discovered in stage #1).
  3. Recommend your paid offer to achieve their main goal.

Which brings us onto the next stage of the Prosperity Process...

When done correctly, this generates a natural desire to want to learn more about the solution at the end, instead of it coming across as a pushy hard sell.

And even if people don't buy right away, this low-stress process means you don't scare them off forever, creating the opportunity for them to change their mind in the near future.

Stage #3: Offer To Fix A Bigger Problem

Help Fix A Bigger ProblemAfter your prospects have consumed your free content, they've usually dropped their guard because they can see you're not like the other snake oil salesmen, and are more likely to listen to what you have to say - especially when it comes to helping them achieve a goal they've been trying to achieve for a while.

That's when you introduce your paid product which helps them to achieve their main goal.

For example, in the dog training niche, your free content could be to stop your dog from barking at the mailman, and the main product could teach fun ways to house train your dog.

See how the free content only deals with one specific section of the bigger picture?

That's what makes it an easy transition from the free content to the paid content - because the jump in value is obvious to them.

This product should be priced at a level your prospects see as a low price. Something they wouldn't have to call their accountant about.

Usually this ranges from $7 to $47 depending on your market, but can sometimes be higher in B2B-focused markets.

Essentially it's just to change the relationship of a prospect into a customer (so they're more comfortable buying from you again), educate them on the fundamental strategies of what you teach, and opens up the pathways to the remaining the stages in this process.

Stage #4: Offer To Supercharge Their Success

Speed Up SuccessAfter your prospect has bought your flagship product (or "front-end offer") and became a customer, they're usually looking to speed up their results in some way. People are busy and are always looking for shortcuts.

That's why you should offer them related products which make their journey easier, faster or more effective.

It's the equivalent of giving them a cab ride in a Lamborghini instead of a beat-up taxi cab shared with 3 other passengers.

These optional products should be offered to them immediately after they place their order, while they're still in the "buying mindset".

However be careful not to have any more than three of these optional upsells, otherwise you run the risk of confusing your customers and increasing your refund rates.

When used correctly, people usually welcome these upsells, as it gives them a way to better their results which they wouldn't have had access to before.

Plus this process will maximize your average order value (known as "AOV"), which is critical to making a profit on any advertising.

Stage #5: Offer To Guarantee Their Success

Guarantee Your SuccessIn any market, there are customers who are willing to pay a lot more to get even more value. These customers are the low-hanging fruit to maximizing your business's profit while making the biggest positive impact in their lives - so it's a win/win.

That's why you should always offer a premium solution to your customers that has a higher price point, but the price is justified by the huge amount of value they receive.

For example, this could be a "done for them" type of service, a coaching program, or anything which provides a lot of value to the customer.

But another element that makes this process different to any others is the focus on a guarantee at this premium level.

Without it, sure - you'll get some good results from the higher prices alone.

But when used correctly, a strong results-based guarantee will always multiply your premium sales and dramatically increase your profit, while people get more value than they've ever had before.


They have an end in sight for when they can achieve their goals, and have something to fall back on. It's their safety net in case of any overlooked shenanigans.

Bonus Stage: Hidden Elements

Underlining all of these stages is mindset, branding and positioning, and value-giving.

You need to develop the entrepreneur mindset to think like a marketer, while branding and positioning yourself as an authority figure in your niche, while delivering value throughout the entire process.

This way, your prospects will never feel pushed into buying something they don't want, and you'll always be giving them exactly what they need help with.

If you'd like to be guided through every step of this Prosperity Process in beginner-friendly detail, along with everything else needed to make your new online venture insanely profitable, you should grab our Six Figure Shortcut program.

It's created thousands of success stories, and we're aiming to double that in the next 12 months. I hope you can be one of them. Or if you'd prefer to figure all these parts out yourself, I wish you luck.

Either way, just be sure not to forget any of the above stages, otherwise you'll be putting a glass ceiling on your results and prevent yourself from reaping the benefits from your time and effort.

This exact moment in time is where you don't need to feel salesy any more. You don't need to annoy people. You don't need to sell inferior products in the hope of making a quick buck.

You can sell anything you want in a non-pushy way because you now have a proven process to do so, while actually feeling proud of your online business so your family and friends will be impressed by you and stand in awe of what you've accomplished.

Let's make a difference.

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