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James Francis

James Francis
RE: Your online empire

You've probably already tried to do it...

But each annoying and time-consuming step in the process has held you back.

Creating a product... or shelling out big bucks for someone else to do it...

Or trying to rehash PLR...

Investing in eye-catching graphics...

Investing more cash in compelling sales copy...

Making the perfect sales funnel typically
costs $5,000 or more

And that's for EACH individual product you want to sell...

You know that building a list and selling your own products is the best way to make passive income online, and become a trusted authority…

But getting started in something that requires so much detail, attention, and startup capital is tough.

All that stress comes from trying to build a list in one niche, and selling one product...

When we all know that the 4-figure days come to those selling MULTIPLE products...

That's why my students begged me
for this service.

Imagine how cool it will be to have 5 high quality, UNIQUE sales funnels, custom made for you, branded with your name, building your list and making you money 24/7/365.

They were all created by me for my valued customers only, and have been getting some great results...

And here's another sales funnel at work...

And the results just keep pouring in.

All you need to do is copy and paste your proven funnels onto your own website and you'll be seeing real results instantly.

This is your rare chance to tap into something massive... Your very own Instant Profit Funnels...

With Instant Profit Funnels, you’re going to receive...

Component #1 - Killer Squeeze Pages

5 squeeze pages written by a professional, #1 Clickbank copywriter.

(I shelled out thousands on this part, so you don’t have to.)

Each one of these squeeze pages has been tried and tested to convert at least 40% of your visitors into loyal subscribers, so building your list can not be any easier.

Component #2 - Profitable Affiliate Offers

5 custom one-time-offer products and sales pages that coincide perfectly with your squeeze page.

This is exactly how you'll make cash WHILE building your list, on total auto-pilot.

Component #3 - Winning Welcome Emails

5 done-for-you welcome e-mails that you'll automatically send to your new list subscribers. Believe it or not, a lot of beginners botch the welcome e-mail, which is the crucial "first impression" you give to your new subscriber.

By having these welcome e-mails already taken care of for you, you’re subscriber will be chomping at the bit to hear from you again.

Component #4 - Hot Follow-Up Emails

A series of engaging and unique follow up e-mails for each of your new sales funnels. You'll be guaranteed NOT to make the huge mistake of letting new subscribers "cool off" and forget about you.

You'll have a series of e-mails ready to go, ready to keep your list happy and keep your commission account growing... and it's as easy as “copy, paste”!

Component #5 - Authority Content

5 unique products that are in high demand, which you’ll have full rights to give away in order to build trust with your new subscriber list (think high quality e-books, video training courses, and more!)

No longer will you have an audience who ignores everything you say to them. After seeing these pieces of authority content, they'll finally respect you and become hyper responsive to your promotions and messages.

You're starting to see how easy I’ve made
all of this, right?

Everything is already set up FOR you.

It’s literally a matter of pasting your Clickbank ID in some places, and pasting your affiliate links in others...

It CANNOT get any easier than this. With your new high quality products, your list will be hot to respond to every e-mail you send...

Which means reliable, consistent income with virtually no work.

Get this massive cash-generating machine working for you, exclusively, right now...

For the lowest investment ever.

Remember, I’ve hooked this up for you to share my deepest thanks for picking up The Prosperity Formula. While that will reveal all of the tips and tricks...

This gives ALL of those tricks to you, completely DONE, so you waste no time at all and can start building a list today...

Literally as soon as you have what lies right beyond this screen.

But you can only get this insane package for an insane discount right now.

Though it’s highly unlikely, you may have stumbled across similar done-for-you services before...

But never for as tiny a price...

Today, in this exclusive one-time-offer, you’re going to get not 1, not 2, but 5 done-for-you products, graphics, squeeze pages, OTO products and sales pages, download pages, and e-mail series for just $37.

That’s $7.40 for each
done-for-you sales funnel!

So if you’ve been in the make-money-online game for any matter of time, you already know how unique and special this opportunity is.

And it’s also crystal clear that I CANNOT offer this to everyone, all of the time...

I'd go broke creating these sales funnels for just $7.40 a pop!

But this is your first taste of what life is like as a master list builder...

A VIP opportunity to welcome you to the VIP club... But you’ll only get this chance one time.

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A total value of $3,685 per sales funnel
Mine now for just: $37, one time.

And best of all, you're STILL 100% covered by my iron-clad guarantee...

60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

The shift to success will happen to you
instantly, right now.

Click the button below to pick up your 5 Instant Profit Funnels with the exclusive "Thank You" discount and receive:

  • 5 Professionally Written Squeeze Pages: $497 x 5 = $2,485
  • 5 One-Time-Offer Products With Sales Copy: $1997 x 5 = $9,985
  • 5 Trust-Generating Welcome Emails: $497 x 5 = $2,485
  • 5 Professionally Written E-mail Series = $497 x 5 = $2,485
  • 5 High Quality Products with Give Away Rights: $197 x 5 = $985

Total Value = $18,425

Mine For Just = $37

I want 5 done-for-me sales funnels for a shockingly low $7.40 each!

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