Struggling to find an idea for your side hustle?
Discover How Everyday Men and Women Are Getting Paid for Other People’s Expertise…
... and Why Copying Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrity Agents is the Key to Building a Profitable Digital Business... Even if You’re Not an Expert!

From the Desk of James Francis
Dear Aspiring Business Owner,
As we all know, the stars and starlets of today’s film, TV, and sports industries make MASSIVE amounts of money.
From seven-figure signing bonuses to multi-million-dollar movie contracts, celebrity incomes are off the charts.
But these headline-makers only tell half the story. Because many celebrities make even more money from ongoing royalties.
As an example, the six main actors from Friends - still to this day - earn $20 million per year in royalties. And they haven’t filmed since 2004!
So what does this have to do with you?
How to Piggyback Off Big Name Experts
Well, as we know from films like Jerry Maguire and shows like Entourage, big name celebs have agents. Think of them like salespeople for celebrities.
They help their clients negotiate deals, hunt for new gigs, etc. Except there’s one tiny difference.  
Ya see, while the salesperson at your local car dealership might earn a one-time commission on any cars they sell...
...agents earn a percentage of their client’s upfront signing bonuses and any money they make from ongoing royalties.
Meaning, while an agent may spend a month or two working to get their client a gig... they make money off their client’s royalties until the day they die!
Which is exactly why I’m writing to you today.
Building a Biz in 2019 is Hard
Let’s face it: Building a real company is no easy feat.
From raising capital to coming up with a killer idea, starting a business is both financially risky and extremely time-consuming.
Fortunately, you don’t have to become a big name entrepreneur - or industry “expert” - to earn a respectable income online. Why?
Get Paid for Other People’s Efforts
Think of it like being an agent for one of the actors from Friends. For every $20 million in royalties “Ross” and “Rachel” make, their agents get a whopping $2 million.
The only difference? The agent didn’t have to spend 10,000+ hours on set filming all those episodes!
And that, my friends, is the exact opportunity that’s available to you today.
Ya see, there are thousands of niche “experts” out there who have courses, coaching programs, and other products and services they’re desperate to sell.
Big Name Experts Need Your Help
The only problem?
There are only so many hours in the day. Between creating content, serving their clients, and trying to grow the business, most experts are maxed out.
Because of this, they are leaving TONS of money on the table. But here’s the good news:
Because they’re so busy, they will happily pay a percentage to anyone who can help them generate more sales.
Except unlike the Hollywood agent - who earns 10% of what his or her clients make - these experts pay as much as 60%.
And the best part?
Unlike the agent, who has to hustle and network with the Hollywood elite... you can help these experts from the comfort of your home with zero upfront investment.
I call it…
The Prosperity Formula
The Prosperity Formula is a four-step process for driving consistent sales online - in today’s hottest niches - without you having to create your own product or service.
Meaning, this is a proven system for building a 100% digital business without you having to come up with your own idea or spend years becoming an “Expert.”
I should know…
Before I stumbled upon this formula, I spent four years jumping from one “Get Rich Quick” idea to the next.
SEO. Drop Shipping. You name it, I tried it.
Looking back, I was great at brainstorming, planning, and “starting” new businesses. But after a couple weeks of working and not making a dime, I’d throw in the towel and move onto the next thing.
It was a classic case of Bright Shiny Object syndrome. And it almost killed my career.
Get Rich Quick Does NOT Work
For four years straight, I jumped from one “Instant Riches” program to the next. I read the books, bought the courses, and went to the seminars.
But no matter how hard I tried, I could NOT earn a consistent income online. Eventually, things got so bad my fiancee’s family gave me an ultimatum:
“Pay rent or leave.”
After freeloading off them for months, my fiancee’s parents had had enough.
Feeling like the world’s biggest loser, I realized it was time to get serious about this online thing. And that’s when it hit me:
I’d been suckered by the gurus.
In fact, my attempts at making money online had morphed into one big game where the more I tried to “get rich quick,” the more money I lost.
Desperate not to have to move in with my parents, I put my foot down:
No more get rich quick.
So I stopped buying their snake oil courses and dove deep into what it would take to earn a legitimate income online.
And that’s when I found it: The Prosperity Formula.
BI + UM + PP + IP
When used correctly, the Prosperity Formula is capable of taking everyday men and women from making their first couple dollars earning six-figures per year.
I’ve seen it in my own business and I’ve seen it in my student’s businesses.
And the best part?
To use the Prosperity Formula, you don’t have to work insane hours, spend years becoming an “Expert,” or rack up credit card debt running ads.
Four Steps to Freedom
Instead, all you have to do is follow four simple steps:
Step #1 is what we call your Big Idea.
Now don’t worry: This doesn’t mean you need to come up with the next Uber, or some kind of “Killer Idea” no one’s ever thought of.
Instead, a “Big Idea” is marketing lingo for the reason you want to help people sell more of their products and services.
As an example, let’s revisit those big name Hollywood agents.
An agent is like a celebrity’s one and only salesperson. They negotiate contracts, talk to studio executives, and do everything they can to get their clients the best gigs possible.
In short, they “sell” celebrities to the movie studios and sports teams that write the checks. Given this, who do you think is gonna be more successful?
No One Likes a Slimy Salesman
The agent who doesn’t care about his client, and is willing to take whatever deal they can just to earn a commission?
Or the agent (like Ari Gold), who treats their clients like family? Who cares about their client’s wellbeing, knows their preferences, and fights like a pit bull to get them the best movie roles on the planet?
I don’t know about you, but I’d want Agent #2. And that’s exactly why it’s so important for you to have a “Big Idea” behind your business.
Sadly, most people trying to make money online act like Agent #1. Like a starving used car salesman, the only thing they care about is making a quick buck.
On the flip side, the companies that are in tune with a mission - and purpose larger than themselves - almost always achieve faster success. Why?
Because they have a “Big Idea” their customers align with and are willing to buy into.
Step #2 is what we call your Unique Methodology.
To explain why this works so well, let me paint a little picture.
Have you ever clicked an ad - or a link in an email - and as soon as you landed on the page, you thought to yourself:
“Ugh, seen this before. Definitely not falling for that again. Next!”
In marketing, this is the WORST possible reaction someone can have when they land on your website. Why?
Because once they leave, it’s almost guaranteed they will never EVER come back.
No One Wants Old News
To combat this, the product or service you’re promoting needs to look new.
The keyword here is “look.” Because outside of a handful of industries, there’s almost nothing “new” under the sun.
However, if your offer looks the same as everyone else’s, it’s near impossible to stand out. And when you don’t stand out, well, let’s just say it’s hard to make sales if no one even sees you.
But here’s the good news: Once you understand why having a Unique Methodology is so important, coming up with your own is pretty easy.
Think of it like the fitness market.
If we’re being brutally honest, there are only so many ways we humans can move our arms, core, and legs as part of an exercise routine.
So how do fitness experts launch program after program?
In particular, they find ways to incorporate a new, Unique Methodology into each and every one of their offers. Something the consumer has never “seen” before.
An example would be the hot-selling PiYo™ program. This “new” fitness regimen is nothing but a combination of pilates and yoga, both of which have been around for decades.
But by combining the two, and creating a product that positions them as “new”... BAM. PiYo™ was a near instant success.
Step #3 is your Profit Process.
To explain the Profit Process, let’s come back to our big shot Hollywood agent.
While it’s the celebrity who spends thousands of hours behind the camera (or training on the field), the agent still has to do some work to earn his 10%.
Whether it’s a sports team, TV producer, or movie executive, the agent’s one and only job is finding people who can hire his or her celebrity client. And in the world of digital business, it’s pretty much the same thing.
For you to earn a percentage of sales, you need a repeatable process for getting these expert’s products and services in front of potential buyers.
But unlike our agent, you won’t need to spend all day chasing hot shot producers. Instead, you can work from the comfort of your own home.
Do the Work Once, Get Paid for Years
And the best part?
Because Internet pages can stay online forever, you can build something once and earn money from it for months and years on end!
Meaning, once you’ve got your digital properties up and running - most of which will be a maximum of three pages - 80% of your work is done.
From there, your only job is to get your content in front of the right people. Which leads us to step #4.
Step #4 involves serving your Ideal Prospects.
I put emphasis on the word “serving,” as service to others is the best way to think about this.
As we already discussed, approaching business with the attitude of a desperate used car salesman is going to get you nowhere fast. Not because money is bad, but because people spend money to solve their problems and achieve their desires.
Why Most People Struggle Online
And since you getting rich has nothing to do with other people’s problems or desires, focusing on how you can sell stuff is a losing proposition.
However, when you put other people’s needs first and provide value before asking for anything in return... that’s where the magic happens.
So, in step #4, you’ll be creating and distributing content that explains how people can solve their problems and achieve their desires.
The result?
People consume your content, click through to your web pages, and discover products and services that can help them. From there, a percentage of them will buy those products and services…
... allowing YOU to earn a percentage of the sales!
And the best part?
You don’t have to create or sell anything yourself!
Instead, you get to take advantage of the products, services, and sales systems other experts have spent years - and hundreds of thousands of dollars - building out themselves.
Profit and Freedom
And what happens when you get all four parts of the Prosperity Formula working together?
A profitable online business that not only makes money but gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.
To me, freedom means doing what you want, when you want, where you want with whoever you want.
Exotic vacations. Fancy restaurants. Sexy cars. Everyone has different tastes.
For you, freedom may mean working less so you can spend more time at home with the family. Totally up to you.
But either way, when you have true freedom, it’s up to you how you spend your time.  
And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want:
To Choose How We Spend Our Time
The joy of knowing we don’t have to “answer” to anyone.
The understanding we’re not being “forced” to do anything.
Ya see, most people who try to launch an online business never make it past the $100 mark. Why? Three reasons:
  • People put their entire focus on “making money,” resulting in them giving off creepy used car salesman vibes while scaring off the exact people they’re trying to sell to
  • Second, they promote “Me Too” offers that look identical to the competition (making it impossible to stand out online)
  • Third, they trade their time for money (which puts a glass ceiling on how much they can earn)
With the Prosperity Formula, however, we eliminate all three of these roadblocks.
And the best part?
The students who follow this system step-by-step normally start generating sales within a matter of weeks. How is that possible, when most people struggle for months just to make their first $100?
A Proven Roadmap for Getting Results Fast
For starters, we’ve already identified the industries that are hot right now.
Meaning, you get to avoid the costly and time consuming process of finding a profitable niche.
But the real reason this system works so fast is because it’s based on timeless relationship building principles.
As you’ve probably heard: “We do business with people we Know, Like, and Trust.”
And guess what? The Prosperity Formula is designed to help you do all three! How?
How to Turn Strangers into Buyers
First, by attracting web visitors into your Profit Process, you’ll build a steady stream of people who Know you.
Next, presenting your Big Idea - the reason you’re in business besides just making money - gives people a reason to Like you.
Last, by focusing on serving your Ideal Prospects - instead of always trying to sell them something) - potential buyers will start to Trust you.
Repeat these three steps over and over and what do you get?
A consistent flow of people who know, like and trust you, and are therefore happy to buy the solutions YOU recommend!
So imagine…
Imagine earning a full-time income online without having to create one single product or service yourself.
Imagine replacing your 9-5 income - and potentially making much more - without the stress of having to run an actual business.
But most important, imagine creating a near automated side hustle that lets you stairstep your way into earning a full-time income online.
James Francis

Hi, my name’s James Francis. Over the past 11+ years, I’ve helped thousands of men and women to build profitable digital empires.
From chicken coops to coaching, my students and I have used the Prosperity Formula to sell digital products in most every niche you can imagine.

Hi, my name’s James Francis. Over the past 11+ years, I’ve helped thousands of men and women to build profitable digital empires.
From chicken coops to coaching, my students and I have used the Prosperity Formula to sell digital products in most every niche you can imagine.
But it wasn’t always this easy.  
When I first got started, I was just 18 years old in a house full of druggies. Just one semester into my first year at university, I was desperate to escape what I knew was a dangerous situation.
So while my roommates spent all day getting high, I buried my head in my laptop.
Unfortunately, I was a guru’s dream come true.
Hungry to start making money online, I fell for all the scams. I dabbled in SEO link building hacks, paid surveys, and most everything you can imagine.
Despite my efforts, however, I was missing two critical parts of the equation.
First, I was 100% focused on me and the money I wanted to make. Meaning, I wasn’t focused on serving others. As we’ve already discussed, this mentality will get you nowhere fast.
But more importantly, I hadn’t adopted the mindset of a business owner. Instead, I was trying to get rich quick (which, big surprise, left me broke in no time flat).
Fortunately, I found a mentor who got me to realize how backward my mindset was. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but after working non-stop and making almost zero cash, I knew he was right.
The Tiny Shift that Changed Everything
So I decided to change my ways. Instead of trying to make money, I focused on serving others.
Instead of promoting “Me Too” offers that looked identical to the competition, I worked to position my offers in ways people had never seen before.
And wouldn’t ya know: Within a matter of weeks, I went from my fiancee’s parents threatening to throw me out…
... to earning enough money to pay for three months rent upfront.
Fast forward to today and I’ve used the Prosperity Formula to generate over $518,665 in the last 12 months alone.
Which Improved My Lifestyle Too!
And it’s not just me.
In fact, as you’ll see below, we’ve had students from across the globe who’ve used the Prosperity Formula in a variety of industries.
Like Isaiah, who quickly went from $0 to $2,000 per month:
Or Todd, who sold $41,500 worth of courses in June:
Or Belinda, who made sales revenue totaling $452,000:
Not to mention everyone else below:
So if you’re ready to build your own digital empire, here’s what you’ll find inside:
A Sneak Peek Inside the Prosperity Formula
The Prosperity Formula is a 17-module video training that gives you everything you need to build an online business selling other people’s products and services.
Just like our Hollywood agent, this system allows you to do the work once while reaping the benefits for months - and even years - to come.
So you understand exactly what’s inside, here’s a breakdown of each module.
In Module #1, I'll show you how to target a Big Money niche.
Sadly, most people want to base their business around a niche they’re “passionate” about. And while I understand this 100%, the fact is most “passion” niches are extremely hard to make money in.
On the flip side, there are dozens of niches worth billions of dollars. We’ll show you how to tap into them so you can rest easy at night knowing your business is set up for maximum profits.
In Module #2, we’ll help you create your Customer Avatar.
With over 4.4 Billion Internet users as of January 2019, the web is now more crowded than ever. And it’s only getting worse.
Because of that, you absolutely must cater your marketing message to one specific audience.
In particular, your message needs to resonate with the people in your market most likely to BUY something. This is referred to as your perfect prospect or Customer Avatar.
By defining this upfront, we’ll make sure you don’t waste a single minute marketing to people who can’t afford the products and services you’re promoting.
In Module #3, we’ll work with you to lay the proper foundation for your business.
Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with setting up an LLC or any of that stuff. Instead, we’ll be laying the foundation for your digital empire.
From choosing the right domain name, to setting up the account you’ll use to collect payment, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.
More important, by doing this right the first time around, you’ll avoid wasting hours and hours on “busy work” that doesn’t get you paid.
In Module #4, I’ll unveil the Prosperity Formula in-depth.
As explained above, the Prosperity Formula is a four-step system for selling digital products online.
From creating your Big Idea to automating your Profit Process, this is the exact blueprint my students and I have used to drive millions of dollars in sales.
In fact, I’m going to walk you through my entire business to show you exactly how each of the four steps works. In doing so, we’ll remove every ounce of “theory” from the business building process...
... allowing you to walk away with an immediate grasp of everything you need - and don’t need - to start generating sales fast.
In Module #5, we’ll walk you through how to set up your Profit Process.
Sadly, this is where most beginners go wrong. Convinced they’re just “one funnel away,” most people obsess over their “sales funnel” while ignoring the fact:
A sales funnel is not a BUSINESS!
So, now that you have your Customer Avatar, Big Idea, and Unique Methodology nailed down, I'll show you how to create a series of web pages that SELL.
In particular, I'll show you how to create web pages that bring the RIGHT people into your marketing ecosystem. Specifically, people who have an irrational passion for their hobby... or a massive Level 10 problem.
Because those are the kinds of people who will spend THOUSANDS of dollars for a solution. Which is great news, because those are the exact types of solutions we’re going to show you how to promote with the Prosperity Formula.
After completing this module, you’ll have my exact blueprint for building a digital empire capable of going from $0 to $100,000 per year or more.
I’ve done it myself and I’ve seen my students do it. The plan will be laid out for you step-by-step. The only question is: Will you follow it?
But That’s Not All...
While the first five modules will outline the Prosperity Formula step-by-step, the next 12 modules will help you generate sales even faster.
In Module 6, I'll show you how to create free content that motivates strangers to buy.
Sadly, most beginners are so desperate to look like “experts” they end up giving away everything they know. But because they don’t hold anything back, there’s no reason for anyone to invest in their paid trainings.
We’ll show you how to fix this, so you can build goodwill with your audience while also setting them up to buy the solutions you recommend.
In Module #7, I'll show you how to match your avatar with the products they’re most likely to spend money on.
We’ll also show you how to create your own products, including options for outsourcing the manual labor (i.e. writing or filming videos).
Here’s why this is so important.
First, you’ll gain access to 100s of digital products other experts have already created. Second, you’ll have a system for creating your own digital products at will.
Meaning, once you understand what your Ideal Prospect wants to buy, you’ll have a near infinite supply of solutions to promote to them.
In Module #8, I'll show you how to configure your automated email marketing system.
Most beginners waste dozens of hours trying to figure this stuff out via trial and error. So in this video, I'll show you how to set up everything right the first time.
In Module #9, I’ll show you how to use simple landing pages that capture leads and drive sales.
Specifically, I’ll show you the exact pages that are working in my business right now (so you can shortcut the learning curve and get immediate results).
In Module #10, I’ll show you how to multiply your profits by selling two or more solutions at once.
While most beginners try and build their business around one offer, this will show you how to sell a sequential set of products to the same person (on autopilot).
In Module #11, I'll show you how to use automated emails to build a hyper loyal fanbase.
As we already mentioned, it’s easier to sell something to someone when they “Know, Like, and Trust” you. But trying to do this with people one by one would take forever.
Fortunately, we’ve figured out a way to replicate the relationship building process using automated emails (so you can strengthen your fanbase while driving sales on autopilot).
In Module #12, I'll show you how to write emails that people open, click, and buy from.
More important, I'll show you how to stay in front of your audience on a daily basis without EVER running out of “content ideas.”
In Module #13, I'll show you how to build an “Authority Blog” that gets you free traffic.
But don’t worry: I’m not gonna ask you to write New York Times level articles or anything. Instead, you’ll discover a simple framework for creating high-value posts that attract ideal prospects while driving them straight into your Profit Process.
In Module #14, I’ll show you how to tap into an unlimited stream of buyers with Facebook ads.
While using paid traffic is optional, our Traffic Triad Methodology has been proven to create winning, profitable campaigns at a very high rate.
And in this video, we’ll show you the exact settings, ad types, and campaigns we use to drive sales time and time again.
In Module #15, we’ll show you not one, not two, but THREE strategies for driving 100% free traffic.
By starting with free traffic before you run Facebook ads, you can validate your offers without taking any financial risk whatsoever.
In Module #16, we’ll show you how to tweak and test your Profit Process for maximum earnings.
As you’ve probably heard, changing the words - or colors - on a page can dramatically affect how many sales that page makes. Because of this, it’s critical you not only track your numbers, but test as many things as you can.
And in this module, we’ll show you exactly how to run these tests (so you can maximize your earnings as soon as you get started).
And last but not least, Module #17 is your six-figure blueprint.
Assuming you’ve taken action on all the other modules, you should be well on your way to a $10,000 per month digital empire. But odds are you’ll be doing most of the work yourself.
In the beginning, this is fine. In fact, it’s required for you to master the basics of running an online business. But if you want to grow beyond that point, you’re going to need to automate.
This means working smarter instead of harder. It also means delegating as much of the busy work in your business as possible.
So in Module #17, we’ll dive deep into how you can automate the daily grind so you can focus on what matters most:
Driving More Sales
In fact, a large part of the growth process involves learning from other people’s mistakes.
And with the Six-Figure blueprint, I’ll explain how to network, what types of “masterminds” to avoid, and how to set up partnerships that could double or triple your profits.
Now, before I reveal the insanely low investment required to access the Prosperity Formula, I want to ask you something:
How many trainings have you already spent money on that didn’t live up to the hype?
How many free “webinars” have suffered through, only to walk away more confused than when you signed on?
Last, how much free content have you consumed without developing a true step-by-step roadmap for achieving success?
The Two Roadblocks You Must Overcome
As someone who’s been doing this for over a decade, I see two main roadblocks that hold 99% of people back:
#1 - They think they don’t know what to do
#2 - They know what they should be doing, but don’t do it
And while I can’t help you if you’re not willing to do the work, I can tell you the issue of “not knowing what to do” is really just an excuse.
Because in reality, the people who say they don’t know what to do are usually the ones who “know” the most. How is that possible?
Because the Internet is jam PACKED with free advice on how to build an online business. Which is the exact problem:
People are getting advice from so many different sources they end up paralyzed.
Stop Learning, Start Earning
The problem isn’t that people don’t know what to do. No, the real problem is that there’s so many things they COULD be doing.
Start a podcast. Run Facebook ads. The list goes on and on.
Which is exactly why I made the Prosperity Formula affordable and easy to follow.
In fact, you can get started with the Prosperity Formula - right now - for just $97 $27.
That’s right.
Via this page only, you can get access to a step-by-step blueprint for building a $10,000/month digital product business for less than half a tank of gas.
Why so affordable?
Because I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible!
I’m sick of the gurus with their empty promises about getting rich with webinars, “high ticket” coaching, and a million other things only expert marketers can pull off.
Because as I mentioned earlier, I’m nobody special. I didn’t study advertising, my family didn’t have money, and I started my business on a shoestring budget.
And while I wasted four years of my life making the “gurus” rich, I don’t want you to suffer that same fate.
And don’t worry, I’m not pretending to be some saint. I have some selfish motivations too.
If You Don’t Succeed, I Lose Money
In particular, I want you to succeed with this program so you come back and invest into my higher levels programs. Why? Because I know that if you don’t succeed, you’ll never do business with me again.
And if you know anything about advertising, you know I’m actually losing money by selling this at $27. Meaning, I need you to succeed or my business model won’t work.
Fortunately, enough of my students achieve success this hasn’t been a problem. But I want you to see for yourself, so I’ve decided to make this as affordable as possible.
My Double Dog Dare Guarantee
More importantly, I’m so confident the Prosperity Formula will work for you I double dog dare you to try it. Here’s what I mean.
After you sign up for the Prosperity Formula using the link below, I want you to go and test it out. Watch all the modules, then watch them again.
Then go out and try this stuff. Whether you have an hour a week - or ten hours - follow the step-by-step instructions laid out in the training.
If after giving this an old fashioned “college try,” you’re not convinced the Prosperity Formula can help you make at least $2,000 per month…
I will refund your payment plus another $27. Meaning, I will double your refund just for checking this out.
I am that confident this will work for you!
More importantly, I’m going to give you a full 365 days to try this. Meaning, even if you join us, wait until day 364, then decide you hate my face or something…
... I will still send you a double refund. Just send your request to .
So, to get instant access to the Prosperity Formula now, please click the "Add To Cart" button below.
Get Instant Access
When you do so, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you’ll enter your full name, email, and billing information. From there, just click the green button.
After that, your login information will be sent to the email provided. This might take a few minutes to process, so be patient and make sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t see it right away.
Last, you can login straight into the training and begin planning your digital empire.
And remember: The biggest expense in business is NOT the money you “spend.”
How Much Are You Missing Out On?
Instead, your biggest expense is the money you could be making every month... but aren’t.
So while I think we can both agree $27 is insanely affordable given what you’re getting here, remember:
Every month you don’t have a digital business is another month you lose out on $2,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 in monthly income.
Meaning, waiting to take action on this for a mere three months could cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000. Ouch!
The Time to Act is Now
Sadly, most people don’t think in these terms.
All they see is the upfront “price,” while failing to realize how much they’re losing out on by not having this stuff handled.
And while most people who land on this page will in fact ignore this message, a small handful will realize how much money they’re missing out on by NOT having a digital product business.
So, if you’re ready to earn a near automated income without having to create any products or trainings yourself, I invite you to join us inside the Prosperity Formula by clicking the Add To Cart button below now.
Thanks and I’ll see ya inside.
J. Francis
James Francis
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.
P.S. As you may have seen above, access to the Prosperity Formula normally costs $97 (which is still a bargain).
But because you recently downloaded my 12 Profitable Niches report, and because I want you to succeed, you can get instant access to the Prosperity Formula for just $27 via this page only.
However, once the timer below counts down to zero, this page will automatically redirect you and the discount will be gone forever.
So, if you’d like to shortcut the process of building a digital product business capable of making $2,000, $5,000, or even $10,000+ per month, click the button below now to get started.
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