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The One Word To Double Your Sales

“Hey, Bob just launched his new offer! Go buy it!”

How many times have you heard phrases like this? Maybe one per week? One per day? Or maybe even more than that?

And better yet, do you remember, trust and buy from the people who sent you those emails?

Usually this style of promotion comes from “me too” marketers, who are always struggling to grow their sales and find it difficult to keep a consistent weekly profit.

But then you have another breed of marketers.

They understand that “me too” marketing doesn’t get you very far, and that to grow your sales and generate a consistent revenue, you need to always focus on one word…


Without your own personal brand, YOU are just another “me too” marketer amongst thousands of others doing exactly the same thing, and limiting your potential massively as a result.

Essentially, branding is just a fancy way of saying “stand out from the crowd!”.

But it doesn’t mean you have to dress up as a clown or something equally as weird. Instead, just show your audience why you’re different than everyone else out there.

Firstly, you should always use your first and last name in every piece of content you put out there, as it helps your audience to link your name with valuable advice, so whenever they see your name in the future, they remember you and think, “hey, this person gives me great content!”.

So obviously this means you shouldn’t use anything like “Cool Business LLC” as your “From” name when emailing your subscribers, as they’ll skim right past your email because they have no idea who you are (and if you’re doing this because you don’t want your name associated with your aggressive marketing, maybe you need to get a reality check on why people buy).

Instead, always use your first and last name on a consistent basis, so they can remember who you are and pay attention to what you have to say. This will not only increase your open rates of your emails, but also the response rates for the rest of your marketing, too.

Secondly, you need to show people why they should listen to YOU over everyone else. The best way of doing this is by simply being yourself and showing your personality at all times. Yes – this includes telling them your likes, dislikes, being friendly and having a real voice (not just what you should be doing because you learned it in some course).

Think of it this way… What experts do you pay attention to the most? If you really think about it, you’ll find that you’re initially attracted to people because of their personality and their own “voice”, instead of their ability to copy and paste emails all day long.

Oh – and don’t try copying anyone else’s style either, because aside from it being hard work to keep up the façade, your audience will always be able to tell and simply distrust you even more.

You have a personality – so show it!

Thirdly, you need to be willing to actually help people. You can try hard selling all day long without providing any value, but sooner or later your prospects are going to burn out and you’ll have to spend more money replenishing them, only for the cycle to continue forever more – making it near impossible to grow your income.

The real growth in your business comes when you focus on providing value to your audience and having their best interests at heart – as you’ll always be focused on helping them overcome their core issues.

When you do this, your audience will trust you more, respond to your marketing a lot better, and will always be willing to pay higher prices for your help – because they know you can change their lives with the guidance you have to offer.

There are many more things we can talk about, but the main lesson is this…

Don’t be a “me too” marketer. Instead, share your true personality with your audience and be known for being you.

It will help to attract your ideal customers and not only make you feel much happier about your business, but it’ll be a lot more profitable, too.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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