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The One Secret Why Beginners Fail To Make A Profit

After working closely with my coaching clients for over 2 years now, I've identified the "holy grail" of why most people getting started with their online business on their own completely FAIL to make a profit.

And no, it's nothing to do with your background, wealth or circumstances...

Instead, it's all about your approach.

In other words, some people are destined to fail from day one because they see everything in the wrong way. Let's go through some real life examples...

It should be no surprise to you that starting up a wildly successful online business is difficult. If you approach your business as a hobby, want results overnight and aren't committed enough to put in the work, you'll always fail. Nobody can change that but you.

Whereas if you understand the reality that it's going to take a little elbow grease and you WILL need to overcome the occasional hurdle (just like in everyday life), you'll succeed and make a huge profit.

Good things come to those who persevere - not just give up at the first hurdle.

This change in approach also applies to money. More specifically, the money you spend on your business in the beginning stages should NOT be seen as a "cost". Instead, it's an investment in your future results.

For example, if you spend money on your hosting account, that isn't a "cost", as it allows you to host your entire website which will be responsible for making sales. Your business won't run without it, so it's an investment in your own results.

Similarly, investing in education isn't a "cost", as it's an investment which will save you literally hundreds of hours of frustration and tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary mistakes. The only cost here is when you decide NOT to invest in your own education and spend an extreme about of time and money figuring everything out yourself the hard way - often ending in failure anyway.

And if you feel you need to invest in some optional software to get your sales funnel set up (e.g. LeadPages, OptimizePress, ClickFunnels or similar), this isn't a cost, as when done correctly, it allows you to build a very responsive email list and make sales on autopilot.

I could go on and on. But the point remains the same...

When you're paying out money in your business, it's not a cost - but an investment in your own results.

Moving away from the monetary side of things, there's also the pessimistic approach...

If you go into your day expecting things not to work out, they probably won't. This is because your mind will actively SEEK OUT the negative aspects and completely miss the positive aspects, then the whole thing gets worse because you're rewarding your own pessimism with "I told you so!".

Instead, successful people understand that there will be a few hurdles, BUT because of their positive approach, they are willing to find the solutions to overcome them, and the rewards will be more than worth the initial short-term struggle.

So if you find yourself going through some content and thinking, "here's another thing that won't work for me, but let's try it anyway", you're essentially out there to prove to yourself that it won't work, so you'll do everything in your power to reach that outcome.

Whereas somebody who approaches the same scenario with the approach that they'll do everything in their power to MAKE it work for them will have a completely different (positive) outcome, because they'll be more committed to the entire process (running on 90%+ capacity instead of doing everything at 10% capacity) and will therefore see the results they're looking for.

By this point, you may be thinking that others have access to more resources (time, money, etc) than others. And you're completely right. But to quote Tony Robbins, people often don't lack resources, they lack resourcefulness...

Some of my coaching clients start with absolutely zero resources. Zilch. Nada.

But because they approach their online business as an investment and are committed to make it work (and change their lives for the better), they always find a way to get the resources they need to get the results they want. Every time. Because when the brain wants something enough, it'll always find ways to get it - whatever your circumstances.

So if you're wondering why some people succeed while others don't, the answer is more simple than you think. It's all about the way you approach your own success.

So do you have the correct approach?

To your success!
- James Francis.

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7 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this. As simple as it seems i cannot help thinking how powerful this information is when one lets it sink in

  2. Great post James!
    It is so true that the way we approach online business is equal with results we are getting, and till mind set is not shift on right path we paste/copy and not moving forward.
    Appreciate your helpful thoughts

    Irena Zegan

  3. Hello James, I am on my way James Francis! You keep things straight forward and most of us are constantly complicating things. This is why I desperately need your tutelage. I will be talking to you much sooner than later. Thank you for your solid examples of practical and rational thoughts and examples, your generosity is overwhelming!


    Jeffrey Brian Pension

  4. Hi James,

    Thanks for the this post, James you are always providing great content I do believe that people don't have the right mindset when they start their business. Also they should do their research to see how other successful people how they succeed.

    So James thanks again and have a nice day.

    Antonio Matos

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