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The One Place You Should ALWAYS Send Your Traffic

I often have beginners tell me how they've received a lot of traffic to their website offer but made no sales whatsoever. Usually this happens because they aren't following a proven plan or they decide to "re-invent the wheel" by sending their traffic to the wrong place...

So where SHOULD you send your new traffic from your paid or free advertising methods?

Firstly, you should never send your new traffic to your blog or website homepage. There are way too many calls to action happening all at once, including:

  • Read your blog content
  • Read your "about me" page (and similar pages)
  • Check out related offers in the sidebar
  • Comment on your blog content
  • Links in the footer

... And a whole lot more. Plus, as you should know by now, a confused prospect never buys.

I've tried this a few times in the past, and I ended up wasting thousands of dollars on traffic without making any sales whatsoever - along with many students seeing the same poor results from doing this before they joined my coaching program.

So you should only send your existing prospects/leads/subscribers to your blog content, and never send new prospects there.

You should also never send your traffic straight to a paid offer, as you're essentially approaching somebody at a bar and asking them, "hey, do you want to marry me?", instead of going through the dating process first.

If you do this, your results will always be rock bottom because you have no relationship with the prospect, and they have no reason to trust you or your paid offer recommendation. This is especially true for "cold" traffic sources such as Facebook Ads and other PPC networks.

Plus you have no way of following up with the new prospects to persuade them over time, so you essentially lose them forever after they see one web page. It's definitely not ideal!

So instead, you should ALWAYS send your new traffic to a squeeze page.

This way, you can collect their email address in exchange for providing some valuable free content to them, such as a short PDF report, a video tutorial, or anything that will help them solve a problem related to your chosen niche.

Depending on where you're getting traffic from, you may need to experiment with different lengths and layouts of your squeeze page, as some PPC networks have strict rules on what you can and can't advertise. Sometimes it'll be fine to use a super simple squeeze page, whereas some other networks will require you to provide some valuable content upfront first.

The most important point here is that having them on your email list allows you to follow up with the prospect and persuade them to buy your valuable offers/solutions now and in the future.

Immediately after they opt-in for your free content, when done correctly, your free content not only creates a close relationship with your new prospects so they know, like and trust you, but it also instantly persuades them to buy the paid offer you're recommending to them.

This is exactly how I'm currently making between $50k-$70k profit per month in my own online business. Just deliver value first in a strategic way, then your prospects are much more responsive to your paid offers because they actually know, like and trust you at that point.

Plus, my favorite thing about this process is that people actually THANK you for giving them a solution to their problems. How cool is that? 🙂

So hopefully by now you'll see the power of sending your traffic to your squeeze page instead of anywhere else. It's a lot more profitable AND you don't need to "sell" anything.

It's just a matter of helping people with some free content, then they instantly WANT to buy from your recommendations because you've already helped them.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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9 Responses

  1. Wow great post. It seems I've been sending my visitors to the wrong place! Thanks for the share. Great tip James and it didn't cost me anything but a few minutes to read it. I hope you have more in your upcoming emails.

  2. James, that's entirely true, I set up a squeeze page which captures email but rather direct the traffic straight to my blog without offering any freebie. Though I had some prospects some opt out immediately, I'm now thinking of creating a free video for them to download before directing them to my block. How about that?

    Thanks any way. Still planning to join your coaching soon when the money is ready. Nice Day.

  3. Hi James,
    It is true. When people do these things to me---I am gone!

    But I usually always opt into squeeze page. If they don't deliver, I can always unsubscribe. And I will unsubscribe if they send me to sales pages to fast.

    We should give what we want to receive. Thanks you for the blog!

  4. Hey James..

    Thanks for sharing your tips, they are very helpful. I have done both, but I can see your point. Lately, I have been sending them to my Articles I have written, also post in groups. Have been getting more traffic that way. A squeeze page is King & I will start doing this again..

    Thanks for your helpful Tips..:)

  5. Good post James I been doing this for years.

    It baffles me how some marketers send there paid traffic to a one time offer without collecting the lead first.

    Build your own business first not someone else's.

  6. I am still in the process of getting to know people online with the hope of gathering a qualitative mailing list. So I can begin to implement some of your strategies. As a newbie to online marketing I am doing a little fishing here and there just to gain some insights on how I should go about building my own online community. I would love to take your course when the money is right and the time permits it. But until then, I will continue to gather all the information that I can get from you and your community while I am trying to come up the bread. The reason being, I really need to zoom in on more specifics. Anyhow, great post and much thanks for sharing James/One Love!

  7. Hi James. Nice post.
    I'd just like to add that there are quite a few sales funnels you can follow but a squeeze page is essential for everyone of them.

    1) Squeeze page -》free or low cost offer -》medium tier offer

    2) Squeeze page -》free or low cost offer -》follow up with emails

    3) Squeeze page -》automated webinar with medium to high tier priced product -》follow up emails
    This is the one I'm having most success with at the moment. 🙂

    You can of course also build in upsells and downsells as long as they are relevant.

    Hope I've been helpful.

    Wishing everyone here the best of success
    Abdul 🙂

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