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The One Mindset Shift Which Generated $379,380.23 In The Last 19 Months

I don't usually share my exact results because some people have a problem dealing with large numbers. But today I'm willing to share my numbers to prove a point which will hopefully change your online business forever.

Over the last 19 months, my business has generated over $379,380.23. The reason I say "over" is because that's just the money that went directly into my PayPal account.

Now, it goes without saying that this profit would NOT have been generated if I had the wrong mindset. After all, do you see Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Brendon Burchard refunding their way to the top? Heck no - they take action because they're committed to the outcome!

But there's one mindset in particular which made all this possible...

Changing from an opportunity seeker into a BUSINESS owner.

If you're always in the opportunity seeker mindset, you'll find yourself constantly chasing the next shiny object, hoping it'll make a change quickly, ending up in a constant "cycle of doom" with nothing but an empty bank account to show for it.

But those who have spent any length of time in this mindset know that the shiny button to get results from zero overnight doesn't exist. And it's these people who often continue to chase the next shiny thing, meaning they actually spend MORE time failing than those who adopt the better mindset...

... That of a business owner.

When you have a business owner mindset, you see every activity as a way to build on what you already have. You act on proven information, actually implementing everything you see to the very end (and get amazing results because of your commitment), put personal mindset issues aside for the sake of a more profitable business, seek out great people to help you move forward, and see everything as an investment in your future results.

That's how you get from a struggling, confused beginner to somebody who actually gets results and creates a better life for you and your family. It's all about forcing yourself to see things from a business perspective.

Now, previously I was an opportunity seeker. For two years, in fact. That's why it took me two whole years to make my first $100.

(And I know some people reading this sentence right now still haven't made their first $100 after an even longer period of time.)

But what was the key to unlocking the better future?

Changing my own mindset from an opportunity seeker to that of a business owner.

Nobody did this for me - it was something I personally decided to do when I realized it was what I NEEDED to do if I wanted any kind of results.

So now I'm inviting you to do the same.

Stop seeing things as opportunities, moving from one thing to the next in the hope of fast results, and letting any of your own personal mindset issues get in the way of your success.

Instead, see yourself as an online business owner who needs to follow a proven system which suits YOU, and give yourself permission to follow that entire system to the end until you get results.

That's what I've done, and that's what my other successful clients have done.

So can you promise me you'll do that?

Have a great weekend,
- James Francis.

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7 Responses

  1. Thank you, James. Stepping up like you did, sharing a direct fact that you can backup, and freely giving something of a greater value than most might realize, goes to show you are a leader to be learning from!

  2. I totaly agree with you and I am one of those people you are talking about that havent made their first 100 online. I am changing everyday in not just my mindset but also how I look at everything. I am tired of jumping from one thing into another. So I have come up with a plan and I am going to stick to it!

    Happy Trails To Where Ever They Lead!!!!

  3. One of my favorite best selling author and renowned speakers is Dr. Wayne Dyer. Many years ago he read a quote that, as he describes, intrigued him. It goes like this; "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

    Just as you say James, Mindset! Changing our Mindset changes the way we see things! Positive and creative Mindset creates Positive Change!

  4. Awesome stuff James and dead on accurate ... Its all about scaling your business and sticking to a business model that works...

    P.S Congrats on thé continued success thats very impressive.

    Your living proof what hard work and perserverance can acheive.

    1. i wholehartedley agree with everything you say in this article thats why i am sticking with just one programme instead of jumping from one shining star to the next and hoping it will make me my first $100 and more

  5. James, I am once intrigued by how simplistic you make a monumental issue! Changing a mindset or "changing" anything at all can be an insurmountable task for most people and until 90 days ago it was for me. I have adopted, the mentality of I am going to implement this change in my life and anyone or anything that is impeding my progress will undoubtedly know about it. Therefore, I have to do a personal inventory daily to reassure that I am not the one standing in my own way. There have been far to many instances where, "the only thing in Jeffrey's way, was Jeffrey's way!" I have been successful in the past however, since my life altering surgery in 2008 and an elongated healing process, I have once again started questioning myself and that is a recipe for disaster. Taking massive action and making mistakes and rectifying them immediately is my only option. Finally, carrying one iota or scintilla of what anyone else may think of me or what I am doing, IS the greatest waste of my most precious commodity, that would be time and I have none to waste on foolishness! This is my business now and I will be ultra successful at it, and constantly doing as I am directed will determine when that happens! Thank you James!

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