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The Number One Way To Make More Sales

If you’re new to the “online business” world and come from a background where selling and persuasion isn’t something you do often, then you’ll most likely struggle to sell anything effectively from your promotions.

But when you follow this one proven tip in this tutorial, you’ll be able to persuade your prospects with very little effort.

The thing is, the number one reason why people don’t buy what you have to offer is because they simply don’t believe you.

Remember, they’ve never met you and can’t vouch for your personality.

If you mention any kind of results, how can they be sure you’re telling the truth?

If you explain what the product will do for them, how can they be sure they’ll get similar results?

If you state a guarantee policy, how can they be sure you’ll live up to your word and actually refund their money?

… And the list goes on.

With any claim you make, your new prospects will usually distrust everything you say – because they’re always thinking of reasons why they don’t need what you’re selling to them.

But when you overcome these objections, your sales fly through the roof.

So what’s the best way to make them believe you and therefore make more sales?

Show unarguable proof to back up everything you say.

For example, my sales video for my Online Income Masterclass program doesn’t just say “I helped this guy make a ton of money”. I actually show a video case study of Jonathan’s progress throughout my training, along with many other unsolicited video testimonials throughout the rest of the video.

That’s because you can’t argue with video – especially when it’s someone other than you doing the convincing for you.

Similarly, that’s why WSOs on the Warrior Forum sell so well (providing they have good sales copy and a good quality product) – because the thread itself is the best social platform for proof ever.

It gives unarguable proof from other customers (“social proof”) as to why your product is so great.

You can say how great your product is all day long until you’re blue in the face, but that’s subjective – and until you provide real proof of exactly how great it is, you’ll struggle to make a dime with it.

Offering proof applies to any niche (e.g. prospective dog trainers will want to see a well behaved dog, etc), but this especially applies to income claims, too.

Screenshots just aren’t good enough any more, because most people in this industry are too jaded and often believe they’re faked – even though this is rarely the case as it’s classed as fraud, and successful people tend to do everything they can to continue their success and avoid jail sentences.

So instead of showing a standard screenshot like everybody else, actually dive into your accounts on video and prove it to them live on screen.

Once I started doing this on video (it works great for live webinars too!), my sales went through the roof because it provides unarguable proof of your results – which instantly builds the trust you need to close the sale.

So whenever you make any kind of claim in your marketing or advertising, always back it up immediately with unquestionable supporting proof.

That’ll usually overcome the prospect’s main objection right away, and you’ll have a much better chance of making the sale.

Good luck!
- James Francis.

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