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The "Launch Hijacker" Method - And Why It Sucks

Speaking candidly, there are so-called "experts" out there spouting all kinds of crap.

So in this blog post, I'd like to clear up some of that crap to save yourself going round in circles.

One of the methods some people teach is what I call the "launch hijacker" method.

Here's how it works...

When a launch for a new product in your niche is happening, your aim is to get a review website ranked high in Google's search results for the name of the product.

Then the logic is, when people are unsure about buying, they'll search Google for reviews, land on your review website, then click your affiliate link to buy the product after they've been persuaded by your content.

Then because they purchased through your affiliate link, you get the sale. Ta-da!

Sure, there is one main benefit to this - that a complete newbie can make a few sales from doing it, as you don't need an existing audience to make it work.

... And that's where most people get hooked on buying the rehashed products teaching this method.

But there's a problem...

To get ranked highly in Google for the product name, you usually need to pay an SEO expert or somebody else to generate backlinks for you.

Suddenly the few sales you've made from your affiliate link don't break even on this cost, meaning you actually lose money overall.

And if you DO manage to make more money in sales than you've spent to get your website ranked well in the search results, there's more bad news...

... That product launch isn't going to last forever (maximum two weeks).

So you'll have to do all the hard work - e.g. doing the research, setting up websites, writing content, etc - again and again, and again, and again for other launches... Just to keep making a small profit.

It's like building your house on quicksand!

I don't know about you, but that's definitely not my idea of a scalable and reliable online business which provides a great lifestyle.

Instead, it's much better to stay away from these short-term methods and focus on setting up your foundations ONCE for the long-term.

This means building a sales funnel which consistently and reliably converts traffic into leads/subscribers, then into sales, then into high-ticket sales.

Building a loyal following on your own email list.

Establishing YOURSELF as the authority figure instead of a different person each week.

That's the general rule of a successful 6, 7 and 8-figure business. Say "heck no!" to the short-term and focus on the long-term.

By doing that, you'll also make a nice profit in the short-term too, because you're building your business around a proven and time-tested strategy - instead of something which is here today and gone tomorrow.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below...

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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3 Responses

  1. Spot On! I couldn't agree more James.
    I was actually on a webinar recently where a very well known 'Guru' was indeed 'spouting on' about how we should all be focusing on upcoming launches. Sure, he had some little twists but it still didn't seem logically to me for the exact reason you have mentioned.

    After sending in a couple of questions via the chat-box about why I thought this might be a bad idea (both of which, obviously, remained unanswered!) I found myself screaming and shouting at the screen in frustration. Do you think they listened? Nope, Not a bit! LOL - So, it was extremely refreshing to read your take on it - Thank you!

  2. Very good points, James! I like that you are addressing some of the problems with and putting into perspective some of the prevalent products in the IM marketplace. Sometimes it's hard for someone just starting out, to determine the quality or longevity of new products. I hope you continue to point out the potential problems with some of the popular products out there, to continually help steer us in the right direction: becoming the expert in our niche!

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