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The Great Social Media Armageddon

So yesterday you'll probably know that Facebook, Instagram and some other social media sites were having problems most of the day.

Pages weren't loading. Replies weren't posting. Ads weren't showing.

For the average marketer, this was a hell hole which had a massive impact on their bottom line.

But for smart marketers like those in the Digital Prosperity community, this didn't really affect us too much at all.

This is because we always preach to build your own assets instead of relying on "borrowed" assets.

A "borrowed" asset is where your audience is located on somebody else's site, under their control. A custom audience in the Facebook Ads manager is a good example.

At any time, Facebook could slam down the ban hammer and "poof!" - there goes all your custom audience and hard work over the last few years. Back to square one for you with no audience.

The same thing applies to your Pages, groups, and so on. Some inexperienced marketers have already experienced the profit-crushing effects of this after Facebook reduced the organic reach of these channels to rock bottom.

You can't expect them to be around forever.

Whereas, your own asset would be your own email list of subscribers you've built up while making a profit. These are never going to be taken away from you because you've acquired their contact details in a legitimate (permission-based) way, and can store them securely in a spreadsheet at the click of a button.

By focusing on building your own assets rather than borrowed assets, you're creating an insurance policy for your - and your family's - future.

This way if the proverbial hits the fan, you still have a responsive traffic source you can tap into whenever you like. Send an email, make sales.

So if you're not already building your list, this is another reason to get started.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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