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The Difference Between Rich People And Failures

Before we begin, I need to say this post is slightly candid and honest – so if you’re easily offended, this post probably won’t help you. But if you’re serious about actually changing your life and your business – and don’t mind a bit of a “wake up call”, read on…

Many people don’t know this, but I’ve been in business since I was 16.

Ever since then, I have grown my business from absolute zero, living off the cheapest and worst quality noodles you could ever find…

… All the way into a multi-six figure empire, allowing me to spend as much time with my family as I want, having the best things in life, and giving me a generally great life as a result.

In other words, I started from scratch and did all this by myself, with nobodies help.

And over that relatively short period of time, I’ve noticed just ONE difference between successful people who allow money to flow effortlessly into their lives, and poor people who always seem to be losing money.

Quite simply, that difference is proactivity.

Poor people moan about what they don’t have, and do nothing about it.

Whereas rich people (or potentially rich people) are only rich because they are proactive enough to actually go out there to find the solutions to their problems.

Or to put this into the Information Marketing / “Internet Marketing” context…

When a method requires you to have a website, for example…

A poor person would say, “I don’t have a website, so this method wouldn’t work for me”. Then they’d probably get a refund, and go along on their merry little way, looking for another shiny object which doesn’t require a website, usually promising overnight riches with a push of a fancy new button, and then wonder why they got screwed over by a crappy product.

Whereas a rich person would say, “I don’t have a website, so I’ll go out there and create one, even if it involves finding out exactly how to do so

Because that’s what it takes to be successful.

So my point is –

If you want to create wealth in your life, you need to chase it.

Being wealthy is not something you can “activate” with the push of a button. It’s an ongoing process, gained through learning, implementation,and experience.

Just like planting a seed, nurturing that plant, and it blossoming into a beautiful flower.

Nothing will fall into your lap. Nobody is going to do everything for you. There will never be a “perfect time” (or situation).

You need to be proactive enough to seek out the answers for yourself.

But this doesn’t just apply to having things or not having things.

This also applies to knowledge itself.

If you don’t know how to do something, research it. That’s what Google is for!

I can’t possibly tell you the amount of times I’ve been asked a question which took me 3 seconds to find the answer to, simply by using Google to search for the answers.

Don’t know how to install a WordPress blog? Guess what! Type “how to install a wordpress blog” into Google. You don’t need a fancy product to tell you how to do that – just be proactive.

And I don’t mean to go off on a tangent here, but Google is there to give you an advantage that people never had hundreds of years ago, so please use it – it’ll save you a bunch of grief and headaches.

To conclude, I know this post may seem a little link today’s “Rant Of The Day”, but not being proactive is really the reason WHY you probably haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve in your business (and even your life) so far.

If a new training course you’ve purchase looks similar to another one you’ve bought, then do you think there’s a reason for that?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s similar because that’s the exact method which works best.

Don’t continue chasing the next shiny object. Implement everything you already have access to, as you most likely already have everything you need to be successful, sitting right under your nose.

I know you can do it, because you’ve read this blog post this far. People who are “doomed for life” will have already left this page after the first few paragraphs.

I know you’re different.

So get out there, take action, and get results!

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What do you think? Please leave a comment below…

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21 Responses

  1. I couldn't agree more and am guilty as charged. I've been working at Internet Marketing going on seven years and have not made a penny. I've had websites but done nothing with them. This time I am at a point I have to force myself to complete and succeed in my quest. I'm at the bottom of the barrel with no other way out. I have been keeping up with you for the last few years and actually tried once before but procrastination set in along with life. This time nothing is stopping me and I have been disciplined in my studies and implementation and pursuit. Thanks for all the wonderful info and tutorials, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi James,
    Problem is that random person never did not learn how to respect an authority. It is important understand what requirements and standards each individual need achieve to get results for their business. To become a successful IM enterpreneur require a lot of knowledge and investements in education. Unfortunately, a lot of people today are only looking for "buy one, get one free" deal, and when they pay something they think that they "have a right" to be unpleasant towards someone who is there to help them. Nice article James.

  3. In addition, maybe it will help if they google a code of ethics, also called a code of conduct or ethical code,

  4. Very wise words and I need to heed what you say. TAKE ACTION and do it yourself .People will help but you must ask
    and seek the answer from as you say Google

  5. Well said James:) it all boils down to how bad do you want it?

    Some people will do whatever it takes regardless of the work while others will just let life pass them by so to speak.

    Take massive action!

  6. This is an excellent article for those of us who need an extra push or a "swift kick in the pants". I could certainly have been farther along and more prosperous in my internet business if I had just implemented the things I have learned. I am certainly not one to sit around and ask questions about how to do something. I am a googler and a youtuber! Maybe those aren't words "oh well"! What I am trying to say is that I like to know how to do things myself so I learn from all of the information that is made available for free online. Plus I buy many books new or older information. I always learn something from anything I buy. There are no "crap" products to me. If I have learned one new thing it was wroth it. And I always do. So I am looking forward to building my EMPIRE within the next twelve months. (Maellionaire)

  7. One of the hardest things to learn is the ability to not procrastinate. If you're a jump into the deep end of the pool person when everyone else is fearful that the water is too cold, you're the one that will have success. You see the person that jumps into the cold water knows that if you are in it long enough, you get comfortable with the temperature. The same should happen with business. If you jump in and try things eventually you will get comfortable with the way you approached things and start to do well. I've made many mistakes on trying to get an on-line business under way, but finally feel that I may be headed in the right direction. Thanks James for the insight.

  8. Thanks James, All through life there is the doers and the shakers,the doers buckel down and get on with it. And the shakers just look for the best way to get out of doing anything, and they moan and grown and are never satisfied.I know what its like to not have enough money I was at rock bottom, but I didn't moan about it and I am clawing my way out of it now.Life can be a bitch at times but you have to be a bitch tamer not a bitches bitch.

  9. Hi James,
    I absolutely agree with you. Although I am just starting off into this adventure (due mainly to a disability that will not permit to hold "outside" employment anymore) - I am committed to seeing this through. In actuality, I sat down and wrote out what it was I was going to need for success in this business.

    I came up with:
    1. A Quality product (which you provided)
    2. A Proven system (which you provided)
    3. Thorough training (which you provided)
    4. Continuing support (which you provided)
    5. The ability to "add" additional products (self generated; PLR; or Affiliate promotions) (which you provided the ability to do)
    6. Several different marketing factors to increase exposure (email; blog posts; forum posts; video tutorials, etc.)
    7. Be willing to "start slow but make continuous progress on a daily basis - and SEE the results
    8. Unlimited income potential..

    So, THANK YOU for your post, your encouragement and your assistance!

    Bob Thibodeau

  10. Online business is complex, but everything is complex. Anything you decide to do, even if that ends up being nothing, will have its challenges and soul-lessons, so it's best to choose your most beautiful dream and go for it. And go ahead and fail--it won't kill you. After a baker's dozen of failures you'll get used to picking yourself up & dusting yourself off and getting on with it--and in the process developing some smarts and courage. It's called life.

  11. James you are right 100% Even smart guy like Albert Einstein once said it: "Noting happen until something moves." So that means you can be even smarter then Einstein but unless you make a move,and don't act on your idea nothing will ever happen.So once you make decision what you want to do,do not procrastinate,but just DO IT NOW!

  12. Advice worth everything James. When I making a commitment and I do not know who to do something, I also go to Google and find videos on YouTube or articles to guide me through. I have learned a valuable lesson from my mother over 45 years ago when she was asked to clean her room by her father. She was upset about this and she told her dad that 'when she grew up she was going to marry a rich man and have servants and maids to do this work.' He dad applauded and encouraged to pursue that dream but reminded her that how would she ever teach her maids to the house cleaning or cook unless she knew how to do it first so she could explain to them what needed to be done. So I have always taken on the idea to learn something new for myself first. Once I was comfortable with how it was to be done I then would hire someone else to do that task and was able to explain who I wished it to be done but would always provide that person the authority to improve on what I did.

  13. I am amazed that anyone would find this post offensive - it just seems honest to me. The only minor quibble I have is that proactivity without patience and perseverance can lead to distress; the post could be misread to mean that proactivity will reap fairly IMMEDIATE success. I am one of the most proactive people you are likely to meet, but there is still a longer than I would like lag-time between implementing things and eventual success - so even the most proactive person also needs to be patient and keep getting back on the horse. Just a minor point.

    My own feeling too is that those who 'chase the shiny object' often unconsciously don't in fact want either the work OR the success. It has become unacceptable for people to openly say that they are unambitious and just want an easy life, you only need look at all the adverts encouraging people to 'just do it' yet I get the sense that we all know this is a platitude and that many people would rather not be especially successful. Therefore people feel they must 'give the appearance' of wanting success when they really don't. So part of the lack of will to be proactive may be a cover for the fact that the person deep down would prefer things NOT to succeed. Again, just a thought!

  14. Well said and I am sure it hits home for a lot people. I am always working off and on with establishing myself on the internet. I buy, learn, apply, make a little money and then get side tracked. CRAZY......
    Then I forget where I learned the first method. Buy something new and start the process all over with the same results......CRAZY.....

  15. Before you started rolling in the dough, you had a few years of struggle. The struggle has produced great things for you. Some of us are starting that trek. I had built a million dollars worth of real estate equity, which I intended to use as retirement income, when two disasters hit me. I suffered heart disease and required surgery. The surgeon removed the largest valve in my heart and replaced it with one from a cow. I hope you won't feel upset if every once in a while I moo at you. I promise not to give you any milk. Then along came the credit crunch. I was unable to defend myself and four of my properties were foreclosed. I was struggling with a $350,000. hospital and doctor bill. My retirement fund was wiped out. I have a good wife who is teaching some piano lessons to help out. I am struggling with the payments required to get going again. Then a death in the family gave me another punch in the solar plexus. You won't hear me crying, or complaining. A great guy named James Francis has offered me a hand when he knew I was down. My sincerest thanks and gratitude I owe to him. Mr. Francis, you're top drawer. I'll do my darnedest to make you proud. Thank you Sir.

  16. Love this article. The next time someone asks you a question that only takes 3 seconds to find on google...Use to send them a link ...... It'll be hilarious and it will also teach them to use google on their own.

    Great Post

  17. Hey James thanks for the frank article. I have learnt that there is nothing new under the sun. Google has almost all one needs in whatever area or line of business you want. Research and quest to learn is the most critical requirement for those who are willing to succeed, not leaving out ACTION and destroying PROCRASTINATION. Thanks once again for advice to utilize fully what I already have. Great article and great advice....

  18. What I like about this post by you?
    It is all true...what you wrote.
    I am working in several niches and have made less money than I have invested.
    When I compare myself here on December 13, the myself of December 13, 2012,
    and what I know now...all the stuff I can now do, including building a website using WordPress,
    yes, I do know a lot more, and can do a lot more.
    BUT I am not making more money than I am investing.
    Part of the reason is I have bounced from program to program.
    Never sticking to just one.
    Also, I have NOT invested in a great mentor. Not all the way.
    And even though I have created my own products to market, promote and sell online...I've only made a few sales.
    So...I look at all this, and I realize that I am not making a profit.
    And the many hours (so many) that I have used to work online...what? Part of my learning curve?
    Quit? Give up?
    Thing is, I know I am so close now to "breaking the code."
    Thanks for the post. It's got me more focused.

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