The Dangers Of Using PLR Content

The Dangers Of Using PLR Content

Have you ever considered using PLR (Private Label Rights) content as your own?

Watch this first!

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Speak soon!
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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  1. says:

    James, you’re definitely one of the good guys! Great video about a super relevant topic. I’ve been guilty of buying plr before and most of it sits on my hard drive unused because it’s turned out to be complete junk that I couldn’t ethically give away or sell to anyone. Looking forward to your next video!

  2. Faith Ene
    Faith Ene says:

    Thanks for this video James. Too late to help me save some money but may come as a timely advice to any online entrepreneur who has been considering purchasing them. They are ALL a load of BS.

  3. says:

    Hi. Would you consider missing the music from your videos? They are very nice tunes (too good in fact) and they are very distracting from 'tuning' on to what you are talking about. Alternatively, would you offer the 'alternative' of transcripts of your videos, as many people still prefer to read instead of watching videos...? Thank you.

    • James Francis
      James Francis says:

      Thanks for the feedback! If anyone else is reading this reply, do you prefer background music or not?

      Plus, transcribing every new blog video is a time-consuming process (especially for a one-off free video with no cost involved to you), but I'll look into it.

      - James.


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