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The Daily Life Of An Internet Business Owner (The Movie!)

Ever wondered what it's like to live as a successful Internet business owner?

I decided to record an entire day and show you "behind the scenes" of my online business.

WARNING: This video contains bad jokes, loud cars and my cute dog Tyson.

Click the play button below to watch it now...

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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37 Responses

  1. Awesome! Thanks James for a peak into your daily life, I've often wondered how successful entrepreneurs go through the day.

  2. Great Video James i watched to the very end lol.It serves as good motivation to keep going and persist no matter what.I too want that lifestyle someday soon.Your masserati is unreal and your house 🙂

  3. HI James, I am a new coaching client of yours. It is interesting to hear your viewpoints on how one is to approach their business. Refreshing to know that the main focus of your business is to help people and provide value. I am looking forward to working with you. Have a Blessed day.

  4. Hey James,

    You are like my guru and mentor.What I like most is your honesty while doing a business.

    I feel more secure while taking action whenever you recommend anything.Also get a feeling that you can make an online living too.

    You posses a very in depth knowledge about the online marketing.

    Thanks for all the help you are doing to an online community.

    Your Fan,
    Prashant Kulkarni

  5. That made me feel really happy this morning. Thank you James! It goes without saying that it's a refreshing thing to see a good man who's honest about his home and his life opening up the "real" for everyone. Your open way of communicating is what I think makes you successful. People can trust you utterly. We've watched you go from long hair and just starting, to seeing your lovely wedding photos, to your first day out of the parking lot in your new car; and now we've seen your home and lifestyle in the amazing English countryside. It's like you're family or an old friend! I count you as such.

    Thank you so much for that. It really was a treat to see someone who seems so good and grounded enjoying a fulfilled life, and at such a young age..Thanks again!!!

    P.S. I did wonder if you bought Ramen noodles whilst in the store. 😉 Cheers! :)))

    1. Aww thanks for the kind words Elisa! I count my loyal subscribers like you as my family friends too.

      And no noodles from the store this time - I save those for the all-you-can-eat Chinese food, haha! 🙂

  6. Hey James.,
    Like your video you explain things
    so well . I am so glad that I found you on
    the internet. I like your honesty, your straight forward
    style.You are really the go to guy to learn this
    Thank You

  7. It's nice to see your daily routine, very inspiring and I totally appreciate you sharing this with us. Wow, I had a tea while watching the video and thought I was there with you, your wife and your dog 🙂

  8. hey james,

    Thanks so much for the was really great and its good to see someone who actually cares about his customers and blog followers. You provide real information and always provide things that we can actually use, most "make money online" guru only want our hard earned money and give us a course of BS!! You know the rich jerk, google sniper etc etc.

    Thanks for been a real person with a real product!!


  9. Really enjoyed the video James. They're always good (provides value). You seem genuinely interested in helping your customers and prospects. Definitely the kind of person I'd want to work with if I choose the "make money online" path.

  10. Hi James,

    I finally got around to watching this. I've been busy taking massive action so I put it off too long 😉

    It was very nice to see that more personal side of your life and I think it is a smart move in your business because it further connects your customers too you, creating more trust and rapport. I learn a lot by observation so seeing how you manage some of your tasks was helpful.
    I also enjoyed seeing your neighborhood in the UK. I've always loved England and had the opportunity to visit last year. Though I toured London, Windsor Castle, Lacock, and Bath, which is a bit more south of you, if I'm not mistaken. That was the best experience of my life and I intend to return one day soon!

    Very good video though. I enjoy these things, they are inspiring, helpful, and entertaining!


  11. Hi James,

    Loved being a voyeur to the day in the life of a successful Internet business owner. Very inspiring, entertaining and as always, informative. You are a sweetheart.

    Looking forward to learning more about you and your business.

  12. I must admit i got a little dizzy watching the ground as you walked your dog, but on the flip side of things, I loved your emphasis on helping people and not being only about collecting people's dollars. By the way(btw), what program did you use for your to-do list?

  13. Thank's so much Francis, I am new in the internet marketing I cant tell you I would like to learn from you. But you have to help me built a business. I just lost my job, i want to make a leaving. Best regards!

  14. Hi James. Thanks for the video. Very real and motivational in an unusual way, it projects your lifestyle, options and most of all your freedom.

    Tyson thinks your talking to him and looks baffled lol


  15. Hi James,

    What a great video. How nice to get a true insight of someone you can trust.

    It is so nice to see how you have sorted you house out and how comfortable it looks to live in .

    Would not mind being in your shoes now. Well done

  16. I love this video it is very motivational and boost my day up. It really have have gave a much powerful intake on my business aspect with online marketing. I love this James Francis

  17. Thanks for allowing me to walk in your shoes for a day. A much appreciated glimpse!! I've been following you for years and buying into your products since 2014, but I have yet to pull the trigger. I've literally watch you soar. Wish I was brave enough to tread water. Instead the fear of sinking held me back. Congratulations James 🙂

  18. Hi James,
    Yes, pretty darn good (Although I did nod off for five minutes in the middle.) A bit over-long but on the whole very refreshing.

  19. Great vid James.Really down to earth and no airs and graces.Been thinking.I just swapped energy suppliers and my new supplier just happened to mention a refereral programme that could earn me 50 quid for signing up new customers for them.People are always looking for energy deals.Another way to solve problems maybe?

  20. Long video, I really found it useful to see what you use to track your progress, I just signed up for Trello and going to start using that to keep better track of what needs to get done and when.

  21. Dear James Francis I have really learn something new from you.
    Thank you so much.

    From: Agustin Ridderstap

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