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The 5 Elements Of A Perfect Squeeze Page

The 5 Elements Of A Perfect Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page is the most important part of your online business.

It's what builds your long-term audience while starting the immediate automated sales process. It's what pre-sells your main paid offer. It's the first "handshake" you have with every new prospect or visitor.

In other words, you MUST have a squeeze page if you want to build a loyal following and make a large, reliable profit.

But what is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a single web page which persuades people to join your email list (or "newsletter") while pre-selling your paid offer.

By sending your new prospects to a squeeze page instead of directly to a paid offer, you're able to build a relationship with them first - which increases your sales in a big way (about 2-3x in our testing!).

Click here to see an example (opens in a new tab/window).

When done correctly, a page like this gets above 40% of the people who visit to opt-in - plus it's 100% compliant with all PPC networks too, including Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads and Bing Ads.

Even better, you don't need to be a web designer to get one online either! You can get it finished within 5-10 minutes using "point and click" templates inside LeadPages or OptimizePress.

But you can't just slap one up and hope for the best...

We spent over $50,000 testing a LOT of different squeeze pages, and we've discovered there are 5 main elements required to hit it out of the park.

Element #1 - One Main Call-To-Action

The whole purpose of a squeeze page is to persuade your visitors to opt-in to your email list - so don't try to get them to do anything else at that point.

No visiting your blog, no checking out your products, no writing a letter to your neighbor's dog...

Just focus on one call-to-action - for them to enter their email address.

To do this, your squeeze page should be on a separate part of your website, without any menu items that take them away from the page.

If you noticed in the example, the menu items at the top just scroll the page down to the relevant section.

This keeps their attention focused on the page without getting distracted by other shiny objects.

Element #2 - A Prominent Hook

As soon as your visitors land on the page, they should immediately notice a big headline (or "hook") which tells them what they're going to get in exchange for opting in to your email list.

Usually this is focused around a valuable piece of free content you're giving them, as this gets the best results (for you and the prospect!) and starts generating the relationship you need to make a sale.

It should read like a news headline to attract their attention, and be so compelling that they'd crawl over broken glass to get to it.

For example, here's a hook that isn't very compelling or unique to you, so it would get terrible results...

"How To Train Your Dog"

... Whereas this hook...

"The 5 Fun Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Barking At The Mail Man"

... Is much more specific and unique, which makes it more compelling to the target audience.

After all, the more compelling it is, the more people will want it and the better results you'll get.

Element #3 - Benefit-Rich Bullets

The next part of your squeeze page should contain a list of benefits the visitor will get when they grab your free content.

We're not talking about a "52 page report" or "38 minute video" (as those are features, not benefits), but what will they actually achieve?

For example, we know our prospects usually suffer with information overwhelm and confusion about what to do next in their online business, so we overcame those issues in our free content and put them into our list of benefits...

Perfect Squeeze Page - Bullets

Element #4 - An "About" Section

Most squeeze pages are completely focused on the content (or "lead magnet") being given away, which leaves people wondering who you are and why they should pay attention to your marketing AFTER they opt-in.

So after doing a quick test, we found that adding an "about" section near the bottom of the page increased our opt-in rate by around 5% AND increased our overall sales too.

This is because they actually knew who we were by that point and we could be trusted with their personal details - plus it increases familiarity and starts the relationship building process.

Think of it this way... Would you give a complete stranger your personal information? Of course not!

Adding in just a few paragraphs about yourself and your online business lets people know they're in safe hands.

You don't need to "fake it until you make it" here either, as people often just want to connect with someone who is authentic and honest.

So even if you're a complete beginner and you feel you have no experience, explain that you're saving people the time and effort of doing all the research themselves.

Element #5 - Legal Links

Last but not least, you need to have links to your legal pages at the very bottom to be in line with most advertising guidelines and to avoid breaking any kind of laws.

As I'm not an attorney, I'm not allowed to give specific recommendations. BUT we have a "privacy policy", "terms of use", "disclaimer", "earnings disclaimer" and a link to our support desk - and we've found those pages apply to most of our coaching clients too.

As a bonus tip, you can get these legal pages in template format just by doing a quick Google search. Just fill in the blanks with your company name and you're good to go!


When you have these five crucial elements in place, your squeeze page not only generates a lot more leads and subscribers, but also increases your sales after they opt-in too - assuming you have all the right pages in place.

In fact, the squeeze page is only one of nine different web pages required to make a profit from an online business.

To discover the other 8 web pages and check you have them, download our New Website Checklist here for free.

Speak soon!
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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