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Take The Leap Of Faith

Throughout our lifetimes, we all encounter situations which require a "leap of faith".

Maybe it happened when you first introduced yourself to your wife, husband, or friend.

Maybe it happened when you went for that new job interview.

Maybe it happened when you chose a new holiday destination, tried a new type of food, or trusted someone to do a good job.

And although there was risk involved, you placed trust in the outcome and "went for it" - resulting in an amazing outcome.

But in any kind of business, you encounter these situations weekly, if not every single day.

For example - contacting new JV partners, promoting a new offer, hiring new staff, creating a new product, heck - even writing a new blog post.

And without these leaps of faith, you wouldn't be able to progress in your business and your life.

They all involve effort, and they all involve action taking.

But the end goal is always of greater return than the initial effort.

However, in the "make money online" in particular, there is a large percentage of people who ALREADY HAVE everything they need to be successful online.

(Shock horror!)

They already have the right knowledge, they already have the right resources, they already have the right systems available to them.

But they do nothing with it, because that first step is a giant leap of faith.

... Maybe you're one of them?

For example, most people wait for the "perfect opportunity" before getting started.

But in reality, there isn't one.

And if you're one of these people - what makes you think next week will be any more successful than today?

"I'll get started next week". And when next week comes, something else comes up which puts your plans on hold.

This will happen to you forever, as it does for me.

There is no better time to succeed than right now. Period.

And if you're scared of yourself "not being good enough" - even the stars or "gurus" get criticism, and this never changes.

You can give people the best content you've ever created for 100% free, and you'll still get people who moan about some aspect of it.

It's just the way life is, and things are never going to change. So buckle up your seatbelt, and try to understand that nothing is perfect.

(This tip alone will halve the time it takes for you to succeed.)

And if you truly think about it...

The only reason why myself and many other experts are successful is purely down to us taking constant leaps of faith.

We take a lot of action, and around 50% of the time, our new ideas actually work for us.

And even then, failure is just another learning experience which makes us stronger.

If I didn't take my first "leap of faith" to create my first ebook back when I started out, where would I be now?

Do you think I'd be sitting here right now with a six figure online business? I doubt it.

You need to actually take action on the information available to you, lose all your fears, and show the world who's boss 🙂

Now, I want you to take YOUR leap of faith.

Create that squeeze page, set up your website, join an affiliate program, buy some high quality traffic - whatever it is - just do it right now.

I'm sure you'll do awesome.

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. What is YOUR next leap of faith? Tell us in the comments section below 🙂

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