Should I Use A Pen Name Or Pseudonym

Should I Use A Pen Name / Pseudonym?

Ever considered using a pen name or pseudonym for an online business? Or maybe you already use one?

Watch today's video to avoid a disastrous fate...

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts 🙂

Speak soon!
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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  1. Chigz
    Chigz says:

    Hey James, good video bro. I have never understood people who use pen-names. Yes, you are right, just go with your own name. Now James, I use my nick name, as people can't say my full name, but when it comes to paying for ads etc, I always use my full name. My nick name has been with me since my school days. Now is this a good or bad thing? Your thoughts?

    • James Francis
      James Francis says:

      Hey Chigz, good question!

      In my experience, nick names are ok as long as they're only used in your branding and marketing, but not in official forms and accounts, etc. It sometimes helps people to remember you - especially if you have a tricky name.

      Have a great day!
      - James.

  2. says:

    Hi james yes you correct,
    But what about FB alike who clearly mis use your information and privacy,
    It makes sense your building trust first before you start really earning and build relationships no quick way to do business,

  3. says:

    Hi James,
    I'm in the same situation. I use my legal name for everything that requires record keeping: Banks, Insurance etc. My nick name is what everyone else knows me by.

    Great video! I don't remember where I heard it but "It's easier to remember the truth than a lie".

  4. sarah
    sarah says:

    Hi James, thanks for that - i have wondered about this, and sort of came to the conclusion that operating from a place of fear (what if..) is not very healthy, so it's good to have my instincts on this vindicated.


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