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Should I Start In The Internet Marketing Niche?

In this blog post, I'm going to cover something which is possibly the BIGGEST reason for failure for most people starting out online. So if you haven't made as much money online as you'd like to yet, read on...

Although the "Internet Marketing" (IM) / "Make Money Online" niche is extremely profitable, many people make the fatal mistake or jumping right into it when they're just getting started.

Let me explain...

The Internet Marketing niche - although it's wrongly titled, due to "Internet Marketing" being any kind of online marketing campaign (but I'll use that name for simplicity) - is extremely competitive, and incredible results-based.

The people making a lot of money in this niche are always referring to their previous success, whether that's monetary or results-based success - and using that as leverage for their future success.

For example - one of my older products was called, "How I Made $2,151.98 In Less Than 48 Hours".

So in other words, if you haven't had any success before, you can't use it in your marketing, and can't use it to create any future success - meaning you're stuck in an "endless cycle of doom".

After all, it's hard to tell people how to make money online if you haven't done so yourself.

(Write that down - it's important!)

However, there are 2 secret gateways to get started in this niche (apart from starting in a smaller niche), as follows...

1) Draw on other people's success

When you're in school, college, or any other kind of "real world" education system, you're not sitting in the room with Albert Einstein (unless you're really privileged, and have a time machine!)

Instead, you have a teacher or lecturer at the front of the class teaching second-hand results.

... And that's one way of getting results and making money in this niche.

Draw on results which other people have had themselves, from the same method you're teaching.

For example, "X used this method and generated $Y in Z days".

Or, "James Francis used this exact squeeze page and generated a 55.45% opt-in rate"

As you can imagine, this method can be used for pretty much anything.

It doesn't convert (or "sell") as well as using your own experiences and results - but it works damn well when you're just starting out.


My favourite and most profitable method (and exactly how I got started) is...

2) Creating (or promoting) products which don't require existing monetary results

Here are a few examples...

Squeeze pages, web templates, Facebook apps, opt-in rates, traffic generation, list building strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, market research, outsourcing, software, social media - or just showing results from outside of the Internet Marketing niche...

... the list is endless! 🙂

For example, my first product was "Internet Marketing Profit Machine".

Aside from it being the longest product name in the history of the world (probably), it was a great product with a lot of good quality content - but the sales angle just didn't work, as I was just starting out and couldn't draw on any past monetary results.

So it completely bombed, barely made any sales after months of effort, and I dropped it completely.

But after a very long bout of affiliate marketing, I then created my "Web Design For Internet Marketers" product - which didn't require ANY of my previous monetary results to be proven (as it was nothing special anyway), meaning I still made a lot of sales, despite me not having a great track record at that point in my career.

And in all honesty, if I had to make a decision, I'd say the single biggest turning point in my success was this realization - that you can't start out in this Internet Marketing niche successfully unless you have some kind of results to draw on.

So here's what I want you to do next...

If you're currently struggling because you don't have any monetary results to use as a sales angle, use non-monetary results instead - such as opt-in rates, traffic generation, list building strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, software, or any of the similar strategies outlined above.

Look back over your past few months in the industry, and draw on even the smallest successes.

  • Have you managed to get a lot of traffic to your blog?
  • Have you managed to build a list of X people within a few hours?
  • Have you generated a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers?
  • Have you got high rankings in Google for anything?

Even the smallest results will help people do the same, which they'll thank you tremendously for.

I can guarantee it'll help you succeed a lot faster 😎

Talk soon!
- James

P.S. What do you think? Leave a comment below...

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