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The Ultimate Facebook Ads Execution Guide

How To Get Started With A Brand New Facebook Ads Campaign 

For Maximum Profit

Imagine Being Able To Invest A Small Amount In Traffic, Then Knowing You'll Get A Much Larger Profit Back Out...

That's what we do every day in our own online business and for our VIP coaching clients too - and it's all down to an easy-to-follow execution plan we created.

On this page, you're about to get exclusive access to the exact same system we use at a heavily discounted price. But first...

Here's The Proof!

Proof Of Results

Do You Want To See Results Like That? How Big Would You Scale Up?

The most shocking thing about these results is that it didn't take hundreds or even thousands of dollars in traffic to start seeing results...

... But it all started with one campaign spending just $5 on traffic per day.

If you think about it, you'd spend more than that on a trip to the coffee shop. And that's all it takes to start making a profit from Facebook Ads.

After 3-4 days, you'll have enough results to see if your campaign is going to succeed.

Then when you have a winner, it's just a matter of increasing the daily budget to get a much larger amount back out again.

It's the equivalent of putting $1 into a machine and getting $2 or $3 back out in sales.

But it all starts with just FIVE dollars!

The good news is it's actually much easier than you think to get started - especially when you follow our proven step-by-step blueprint.

We previously only released this step-by-step blueprint to our VIP coaching clients, but we had so many requests from our subscribers that we were doing a disservice by not sharing it with the world.

That's Why We Created Our Ultimate Facebook Ads Execution Guide

Simply follow along with the steps, following the up-to-date screenshots and instructions, and you'll have your first campaign online in less than 30 minutes.

Then after a few days of testing, you'll be able to sort the winners that are making you a huge profit... 

... from the losers that are costing you money.

From then on, it's all about scaling the winners to make a larger profit.

This is an important step that most people miss out, as it's easy for a beginner to spend their time and money on the wrong campaigns.

That's why it's always much easier to get things set up in the most effective and profitable way possible from the beginning...

... to avoid all the headaches and possibly even getting your account shut down if you do the wrong thing!

Plus it guarantees your results will be the best they can be, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you chose the correct settings.

This execution plan covers every step you need to get started with your own profitable Facebook Ads campaign - from audience research, to targeting, conversion tracking, ad creation, using the Power Editor and more. 

No stone is left unturned, and nothing is left out.

Here's What You'll Get Instant Access To When You Grab The Ultimate Facebook Ads Execution Guide:


Our proven 3-step blueprint to generate a dependable and consistent flow of new subscribers and sales from ice cold traffic - without using complicated pre-sell pages or "native" ads...


The one simple targeting trick to force Facebook to give you high-quality traffic that actually takes action (this got us a 67% opt-in rate and doubled our sales!)...


How to set up your conversion tracking so Facebook tells you which ads are making you a profit and which one aren't (so you can drop the losers and scale the winners)...


The two types of web pages that get the best results from Facebook Ads traffic while being 100% compliant - and how to create them in just a few clicks...


The secret (and free!) audience research tool which uncovers who your best prospects are so you can target them with your ads - and how to use it...


Plus the exact targeting options to use if you're unsure (we'll tell you exactly who to target, including their age, gender and countries)...


The 3 settings you should always turn OFF if you want to get amazing results right off the bat...


Which types of images get the best results for your ads and how to get them created quickly and easily using a free online tool - even if you're not a graphic designer and don't have the moolah to hire one...


Our best-performing ad copy and headlines you can swipe for yourself (and our proven templates to make your own)...


Exactly what to do to avoid getting your account banned like the other marketers who ignored our advice...


The proven strategy to get high-quality buyer traffic at the lowest price possible... (HINT: it doesn't involve targeting third-world countries or spamming people)...


How to use the Power Editor's extra features to unlock an unlimited character limit for your ads...

... And much, much more!

Do NOT Make Things Harder For Yourself!

We've already done all the testing ($550k+ of it!), so you don't have to.

By the end of today, you could have your own insanely profitable Facebook Ads campaign set up and making sales for you on autopilot.

It's all simple and easy to follow - even if you're a comple newbie or if you've never gotten a single visitor before.

You just need to follow our proven blueprint and best performing ad templates to get your dream results.

And price shouldn't be an issue, because you can have access to it all for just $7.

Yep - Just $7

No ongoing subscriptions, no unethical tactics, and no shenanigans.

For just one payment of $7, you could either get a small pizza or...

You can finally get your own profitable Facebook Ads campaign online, generating sales for you and building your audience on autopilot.

You'll no longer have to guess what to do when setting up a campaign and waste thousands of dollars in the process. 

We've made everything super simple for you.

The choice is yours.

To get started instantly, click the orange "Add To Cart" button below and finally have the confidence to know your campaign is profitable...

... so you can stop losing money, and finally be able to generate sales on demand.

Click the "Add To Cart " button below to get started right now.

Add To Cart - Just $7 (Save 59%!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Is This Just Another Report?"

Answer: Heck no! I'm sure you have enough of those already.

An execution plan is a step-by-step, "click this, then click that" guide for people who like to take action and get results quickly.

After growing our business to $60,000+ per month from Facebook Ads alone and helping hundreds of our coaching clients to set up their Facebook Ads accounts, we've truly mastered the process of eliminating the usual mistakes and making sure your traffic campaign will actually be profitable.

Quite frankly, we got tired of repeating ourselves to everybody who asks us about starting a brand new Facebook Ads campaign, so we decided to create a blueprint that anybody can follow.

So in this execution guide, we've documented everything into a step-by-step process - with screenshots throughout - so you can follow along at your own pace and finally get some incredible results.

Question: "Is There A Guarantee?"

Answer: Yes, of course! All of our programs have a 365-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

This means if you don't think it's the best guide you've ever seen about setting up a brand new Facebook Ads campaign, just let us know and we'll give you your money back.

We know it probably won't come to that, as the people who have accessed this execution guide so far absolutely LOVED it. But we just wanted to provide a "safety net" for you, as we know there are a lot of unethical crooks out there.

So you either find it valuable or get your money back in full. It's that simple! 

Question: "Why Are You Only Charging $7?"

Answer: If you're thinking "there has to be something wrong with this for it to be just $7", then here's why we decided to price it this low:

1) It allows anybody to start getting results quickly and easily, regardless of whether you're a complete beginner or a Fortune 500 company.

2) It repels the freebie seekers. We only want to work with action takers, as these are the people who get the best results. 

3) In our testing, the $7 price generated the most overall profit in our business. As a marketer yourself, you'll understand the power of following what works.

Plus, once you see the quality of our products, we hope you'll come back and check out our more premium products to boost your results even more.

So there are no hidden trials, no "shipping and handling" costs, and no unethical tactics. Just the proven advice you need and the results you want.

Question: "What Kind Of Investment Do I Need For The Ads Themselves?"

Answer: The great thing about Facebook is that you are 100% in control of your budget. We'd recommend starting at $5 per day, as this is a good amount to see your ads campaign become a winner in just a few days.

However for the more experienced marketers, increasing this to $20 per day will help to speed up your Return On Investment (ROI) and get some better results in a shorter timeframe.

Then when your ads campaign is making you more back in sales than you're investing in traffic, you can scale your campaign to as high as you want.

Get INSTANT Access To The Facebook Ads Execution Guide Now

Add To Cart - Just $7 (Save 59%!)

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