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Although we're proud of the great results we help our customers to achieve, please keep in mind that your own results may vary and the results stated in the testimonials below are not typical. All of these testimonials are from real customers and proof can be provided upon request.
With that said, see just some of the results our many clients are getting below...

New Case Study #1:

"I have converted 9 sales in the last 5 days, and that has generated a profit of $14,400 for us"

New Case Study #2:

"In just a matter of months, I have amassed almost 1,200 customers and over $56,000 in sales"

New Case Study #3:

European Couple (Wishing To Remain Anonymous) Takes Struggling Side Project In Cycling Niche To $36,581 CHF (Roughly $37,612 USD) In Just One Launch

Bike Niche Results

Other Case Studies:

"James and his products helped me make my first six figures online."

Dan sold the profitable online business we built for him for a tidy six figure sum!

"Before I was struggling for 1 or 2 years... James was the first guy that showed me the real way. This was my BIGGEST breakthrough. Don't doubt, just do it!"

"I've gone from making $50-60 in a day, to now earning over $1,800.00 a week. And that didn't take months and months or a year to get to - I got to this point in only a couple of weeks."

"I have made over $5,264.00 in the past 5 months alone. "

"He has fantastic integrity, he has a lot of patience, he’s a great coach, a great teacher, and I just have to say it’s been a real pleasure getting to meet him."

"I made $1,521.38! That is awesome... And the month isn't even over yet."

"James Francis is the real deal. He’s honest, he’s ethical, his word is as good as gold, and he cares for his clients and customers."

"Oh wow... That's a LOT for one day! I'm a bit shocked."

"He's extremely dependable and cares about his students…"

"Just about 2 weeks in I had my first $100 day... A month in I had my first $300 day... 5 months in we did $5,200... And just last month we did over $12,450 - and it's ALL due to James and his coaching."

"What he teaches WORKS! I'm getting consistent results in my business! he has a lot of patience, he’s a great coach, a great teacher."


One Of The World's Best Experts On Facebook Ads - Jason Hornung - Started With Our Advice...

Not To Mention All Our Other Customers And Clients Too...

"As usual, the information from James was spot on. He gives away more than most "gurus" sell. Amazing, isn't it? James Francis is quickly becoming my favorite marketer and "go-to" guy. I have bought products from him and they are top notch. Always over-delivers. Listen to what he has to say. It's priceless."
Richard Lane
"James is one of only 5 marketers I trust due to his honest approach to online business. He is very helpful in helping people to identify their valuable skills and chosing a profitable niche. His blueprint for building a product or program is priceless!"
Linda Cutshaw

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