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Price VS Value - Should You Give Away Your Best Stuff For Cheap?

If you've ever been guilty of withholding "the good stuff" from people in your content, watch this quick tutorial to skyrocket your sales...

Leave a comment below with your thoughts! 🙂

Speak soon,
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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8 Responses

  1. James, timely video.
    We had this same exact conversation several weeks ago. At first I resisted your recommendation, but the way you framed the logic and reasoning as to why you must give your "good stuff" first now makes perfect sense.
    I personally want value when I spend money on products, so why wouldn't my customers?!
    Keep making sense.
    Appreciate your guidance and taking the time to share with others.

  2. Its very important the customer experience, building trust first, Too many sellers dont consider the customer and go straight into upsells which are fine, hence why your in business but very little time given to the consumers needs,,
    It makes sense what your stating frances i just wish there was more openess both ways, and i look forward to working with you a d for you as a parner,
    Warm regards Gary

  3. Hey James,
    The timing on this video couldn't be better. I am currently figuring out this whole concept and to be honest just recently finally realized the importance of VALUE in creating not only the entry level products but even before in the free content stage. I know from experience value builds trust in the best possible way when I am a client it's just a matter of applying the same mindset and courtesy to my clients. It's a way to show them my appreciation for their business. Thanks James!
    Lee Demers

  4. Hey, James!
    So good to see you looking so handsome and happy in your video! I’m doing well as well and looking forward to continuing with my Learning with Puppets idea.

    I know I was thrown off course, but I am better now and eager to refocus my efforts!

    And your video message is spot on! I initially joined your coaching program because Inloved your low priced offer so much.
    See you soon!
    Mary Beth Spann Mank

  5. This is a new thing to me so I don't know much.How important is it to have domain address?

  6. Hey James,
    Makes perfect sense as usual. I just can't wait to see your videos as they always contain such good information.
    Thanks as always,

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