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One Killer Mindset Shift To Skyrocket Your Success

Although the whole “mindset” topic is often (wrongly) seen as “boring” or “unnecessary” by many beginners, I don’t know of a single successful marketer who hasn’t undergone this one simple mindset shift.

The truth is, unless you follow this different way of thinking, your bank balance will always be falling – not going up.

It’s all based on perspective.

When presented with a sales process, most beginners will simply think, “is this for me?”, or sometimes even get annoyed at being sold something – despite us being in the industry of marketing (who’d have thought it, right?).

But when the more successful marketers (or beginners with massive potential) see a sales process, something different happens.

The thought process we go through isn’t just “would this help improve my online business?”, but we also analyze the sales process – as a marketer – to look for inspiration for our own online businesses.

That’s the subtle – but extremely powerful – difference.

You need to change your perspective from a prospect or customer, to a marketer.

For example, when you next buy a product and you’re faced with an upsell, instead of thinking the person should die in the wrath of fiery hell (even though every offline business does this too – including McDonalds), change your mindset and analyze it.

How does this upsell compliment the main product? What are the main selling points of the sales copy? What features does the product have? What benefits does it stress to the prospect? How is the page laid out? What is the price of the upsell? How does this price differ to the main product’s price? Can you use anything in this process as inspiration for your own (current or future) upsell process?

Just analyze it as much as possible and learn by observation and logic.

Similarly, if you’re on a marketer’s email list and you feel excited to open their emails, what does that marketer do differently to everyone else? What style of writing do they have? Did they use a good subject line for their email? What do they frequently send to you? What makes them so good at what they do?

Analyze it, then take that inspiration and implement it into your own communication with your audience.

As another example, you could analyze the title of this blog post and ask yourself if there’s a marketing-related reason why I wrote “skyrocket your success” instead of “stop failing” or similar. The answer is simple and based on common logic. People in this industry (and most others) want to move towards pleasure (i.e. “be fit and healthy”), not away from pain (i.e. “stop being overweight”), because it is less of a “personal attack” against their current situation.

Your success depends on this subtle mindset shift of analyzing everything you see as a marketer – not just a customer.

Start doing this today, and you’ll soon train yourself to be a better marketer from experience alone.

Sure, it won’t help you as much as having a coach or mentor, but it’s a great way to quickly minimize your learning curve and speed up your success.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What do you think of this? Please leave a comment below, as I always read all of them 🙂

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