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My Top 5 Online Business Regrets

Want to see more videos like these? Comment below to let me know! 😀

- James Francis.

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14 Responses

  1. Hi James,

    Nice car! Enjoyed the drive 🙂 and appreciate the words of wisdom since you have worked through your mistakes and have built a successful business! Actually most of your top 5 are directly relevant to me so thanks!

  2. Hi James!

    Great video! Love hearing and seeing you talk and advise.
    Very nice car too, but I'm not a huge fan of the background noise ; )

    Keep making videos. I like!

    Harmony : )

  3. Hey James, I really wanted to know what were your top five online regrets but your car engine was way too loud for my old ears.

    Your car is AMAZING though! 😉

    Sergio Felix

  4. Hi James, It does an old fart good to hear the sound of a healthy engine. Your teaching might be better with the ability to turn the background down a bit or put it on a separate channel to allow the most important part-the words-to come thru. You are very creative and that's what has me working so hard on your digital prosperity courses....The branding of my products will continue to create interest and hopefully this is something we can all prosper at.
    Stay out front and be our leader, thanks-dan

  5. Thanks for the kind words and feedback everyone - especially about the background noise! I thought the same when I listened back to it, so I'll be sure to use my better microphone in future (instead of the mic on my cell phone).

    Look out for more videos like this one coming soon 🙂

    - James.

  6. As always I learn a ton from you and I will continue to focus, purchase products and take action through your course. I am an F1 fan and a Lewis Hamilton fan and I am from Detroit the motor city, so you know I loved your car. For me, your video inspires.

  7. I was listening to your wise words James - thank you - at the same time, I found myself checking out all of the homes you were driving past through your car window. A renovator to the end lol!!

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