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My One Regret

As I go through life, I try not to have regrets.

After all, I much prefer to look forwards than backwards - as that's where your goals are.

But throughout my entire life, there's one regret which has really stood out to me, and I'd like to share it with you today so you don't make the same mistake 🙂

When I was growing up, I didn't have a rich family or anywhere the opportunities which most people do nowadays.

In fact, we lived in a very poor neighbourhood (but not quite "the ghetto"), with barely any opportunities around.

Everyone was expected to get a 9-5 job (which usually ends up being 7AM - 7PM), just to make somebody else rich.

Everyone was expected to look at the successful people in society as having some sort of "magical" quality which they could never achieve.

In other words, everyone was expected to follow what other people did, and just "put up with it".

Because of this, I started work as a shelf-stacker in the "Morrisons" supermarket, here in the UK - for £5.00 per hour (about $8).

My job was full of fun - including stacking the shelves with new stock (I was in the bread department), cleaning the grime from just about everywhere, and practically being used like a personal bitch assistant by other staff who are only getting paid an extra £1 per hour than I was.

... As you can imagine, I hated that job with a passion.

In fact, so much so that it actually gave me insomnia for around 2 months.

(And this isn't even the worst job out there!)

My school/college wasn't especially helpful either, as I now realise they practically forced me into going to University (by assuming you were some kind of "low-life" if you didn't), to study a subject which wouldn't help me whatsoever.

... Instead of following my true goals and dreams.

In all honesty, they made it sound practically impossible to do anything else.

In their eyes, if you didn't go to University and get a 9-5 job, you were a failure.

And that's not all...

My parents said I was "wasting my time" with this internet marketing stuff, my so-called friends constantly mocked me for "wanting to be the next Alan Sugar" (as they kindly put it), and nobody encouraged you to be different enough to chase your dreams.

And people go through this exact same scenario day after day, for the rest of their lives.

(Maybe you're one of them?)

So as you've probably guessed by now, my one regret is blindly following society and what was expected of me, and not taking action with my goals and dreams sooner.

Although I'm still very young (21 years old), I feel I missed a great chunk of my life being misled by people who were "OK" with misleading people into the status quo - i.e. going to university, landing yourself in over $50,000 of student debt, getting a 9-5 job, and retiring at the age of 70 (if you live that long due to stress).

If I'd have followed "their way" to the end, I probably wouldn't even be out of University yet, and I wouldn't be earning an average income until I was 25 years old.

But because I decided to live life on my terms and take action on my dreams, I now own a 6-figure per year online business.

And I'm not saying that to brag - but to show you exactly what is possible when you follow your own life path, instead of following one which has been dictated to you by someone else.

There are differences between me and you.

It's just I chose to take action on my future, and create a better life for myself.

And because you don't hear this enough (heck, I didn't hear it once) - I'm going to say this now.

You CAN make this Internet Marketing stuff work for you.

You CAN tell your boss to "shove it" and replace your 9-5 income easily.

You CAN reach your goals.

You CAN achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to.

You CAN do it.

I believe in you.

Talk soon,
- James Francis.

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