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My Daily Routine...

Hey, it's James Francis - I hope you're excited for the holiday season (I know I am!)

In this blog post, I'm going to answer a question I received from one of my valued subscribers in a recent survey...

"What does your day look like step-by-step as in a weekly spreadsheet. If newbies like me could follow THAT process, we wouldn't have soooo much information overload and we would KNOW it works."

Naturally, I thought this was a great idea - as I strongly believe that if you want to become successful yourself, you need to do what successful people do.

So although I don't really have an "average" week due to different tasks and projects cropping up, I'll try my best to show you EXACTLY what I do (so you can copy it).

So here's my "average" working day (all times are in GMT)...

8:00AM - Wake up after 3 alarms, have breakfast (I never miss breakfast).

8:30AM - Log onto my computer and reply to my important business emails (coaching students, JV partners, solo ad vendors, etc)

9:00AM - Decide what to send to my email list today. If I haven't sent any valuable free content in 2 emails, I'll send some content via a blog post. Otherwise, I'll look for a helpful product to promote to my email list as an affiliate. I should probably do this a few days in advance, but doing it in the morning means I can be quick to react to new high-converting product launches or WSOs.

9:05AM - Research topics for a blog post OR a product to promote, based on the offer's EPC and how helpful the product is.

9:15AM - Either write the blog post, record the video tutorial, or write the email copy for the affiliate promotion.

9:45AM - Queue my email up for sending at either 7AM EST or 12PM EST, depending on whether it's a blog post or promotion (respectively).

10:00AM - Take a short 10 minute break; make a cup of good ol' English tea.

10:10AM - Work on any critical short-term tasks, gathered from my To-Do List.

11:00AM - Work for the rest of the day on any long-term projects, such as my upcoming Online Income Masterclass coaching program, taking 10-minute tea breaks every 2 hours or so. This usually involves recording videos, setting up member areas, writing sales copy, buying traffic (mainly solo ads) to build my list and similar tasks.

12:00PM - Have lunch. Sometimes this will happen slightly later if I'm busy and "in the flow" of things.

4:45PM - Reply to any business emails which have appeared throughout the course of the day.

5:00PM - If I have a coaching session with a one-on-one coaching student, spend an hour or so on GoToMeeting tutoring them. If not, I finish work and grab something to eat.

Note: Sometimes I'll have to run some errands outside of the house for a few hours, such as grocery shopping and trips to the bank - but you get the picture.

... And in all honesty, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working.

I know of a LOT of people who get up as early as 5AM to start work, then finish at 7PM or later.

(That's a 14-hour day!)

However, I much prefer to spend time with my fiancée and my family over work any day. Nobody lies on their death bed wishing they could've spent more time away from their family to work more.

... After all, what's the point in having money if you have nobody to share it with?

Anyway, I'm rambling here.

So there are a few things you can take away from this...

  1. Always try and satisfy the long-term aspects within your business every single day. Even if you just record 1 video, write one page of your new PDF ebook, or make one new contact in your industry. Every step counts.
  2. Take regular (tea) breaks, as working on the computer for prolonged periods of time can cause annoying health issues (like not being able to see properly).
  3. Don't spend all day "checking" emails, as it doesn't accomplish anything. Instead, check and reply to them 3 times per day at the very maximum (unless something important comes up).
  4. Don't spend too long in any kind of "research" phase, as most research can be done effectively within 30 minutes at the very most.
  5. Treat this as a business, and structure your day accordingly. At the end of every day, review what you've accomplished. If you didn't get anything done, ask yourself why, then fix it the next day.

I hope this blog post has provided a valuable insight into how a successful online marketer works.

But now I have a task for you to help improve your business...

Write down your daily routine (exactly like I just did), and analyze it.

Are you spending too much time on a certain task?
Are you satisfying both short-term AND long-term projects?
Can you improve anything in your routine?

Get it done, as you'll be surprised at how much it helps you 🙂

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What's your average working routine? Leave a comment below and let us know! 🙂

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