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Learning By Analyzing

There is one key thing that separates the “average” marketer from one which is constantly growing his or her business by leaps and bounds – and that’s the ability to analyze a process and learn by it.

Average marketers look at a sales process, become frustrated they’re being pitched to, and leave…

… Whereas expert marketers look at a sales process, analyze what happens, map out every single detail of it, and test the same techniques in their own business and sales processes.

This is how the expert marketer never runs out of ideas, never becomes stagnant, and is always making huge progress.

So in other words, if you want to make a huge amount of progress quickly…

See what is already working, analyze it, and model it in your own business.

For example – if you’re signed up as an affiliate to promote a launch and they say the offer is converting (selling) well for affiliates across the board, analyze the sales page to try and reverse-engineer exactly WHY that is.

  • Could it be down to the page layout?
  • Could it be down the way the product is positioned (“sales angle”)?
  • Could it be the style of the copy?
  • Could it be the words within the copy itself?
  • Could it be the value inside the product?

Most of the time, it’s all of the above things.

But the key is to discover the specifics and model them in your own business.

Here’s another example…

If an email has perked your curiosity enough to open it, it’s safe to say that the subject line of the email did a good job.

Similarly, if the copy within the email itself persuaded you to click the link, it’s also worked pretty well.

So create a folder called “Swipe Copy” within your email client, and for every email which persuades you to take action, save them into that folder.

Then whenever you need some inspiration, check that folder for ideas to use in your own email broadcasts.

… Do you see what we’re doing here?

We’re not seeing things as a prospect any more – we’re seeing them as a marketer.

If you have a “prospect” mindset, that’s all you’ll ever be – a prospect – and you’ll earn an average “prospect” wage as a result.

But as soon as you shift your mindset to that of an expert marketer, that’s what you’ll become.

(And guess what happens to your wage from then on, when you apply the strategies of a marketer!)

I hope this tutorial has given you a few “aha!” moments, and remember – the first step is to take action, so let me know how you get on with the above steps.

You’ll be an expert before you know it 🙂

Talk soon!
- James.

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